2 years ago1,000+ Views look!! oh my gosh! A longer trailer is up! (At least it's more than the old minute long one that I was able to find.) I'M so happy right now! IT LOOKS PERFECT!! This song is perfect! (As it says in the article, the song is “Last Scene”, by Ikimono-gakari) I CAN'T WAIT TO BAWL MY EYES OUT AGAIN! @ButterflyBlu I think it's time to re-watch it!
WAHHH! Haha I love Kaori and Kousei so much "Such a cruel boy. Telling me to dream one more time. I thought I was satisfied because my dream had come true... And I'd told myself it was enough... Yet here you are, watering this withered heart again." "Hold on. Don't go! Let's argue again. I'll bribe you with a canelé. I'll call you to kill time. I don't mind being Friend A. Please don't go. Please don't go. Please don't go...please don't leave me behind."
Oh man!! 💜💜💜 B, this will KILL ME. Just watching this trailer had me losing my breath and in tears. I. Will. Die. But you know I have to see it... even if it stumbles, @JaxomB. I always worry about these things. I'm a huge book nerd, so it it's a constant concern. However, I'd rather see it and enjoy it for being its own entity, than avoid it out of fear that it can't compare. If it sucks, oh well. C'est la vie!! But, I think it will be well done! It's so loved!!
I'm going to start watching it again in 4 minutes lol I have my wine chilling right now, just need to make some snacks! I should also hydrate so I don't hurt myself by crying too much lmao
I still haven't seen the anime yet. Should I see it first before the movie?
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I totally agree with you. I work mornings and tend to stay up late. I just got to the first episode. I'll be watching more tonight.
I'm a little worried about a live action.