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At the moment I'm unable to write anything due to...a small improvement in my life. No I'm not pregnant hahahahaha
My cousins came to visit this weekend and brought a small black kitten who was under their porch. It was only about a week old and didn't have its eyes opened yet. Ever since we've been feeding it every two hours, meaning I stay up with it all night with it and my mom gets it during the day. Since then it's opened its eyes(we're still not sure if it's a male or female). Meaning that for a couple more weeks I still have to feed it every two hours. If at some point it sleeps long enough for me to write, I will update. So uh....see you soon? -MaeLyn and Shadow
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AWWWWWWW.... SUPER CUTE! I work in the vet industry and I rescue as well. I know what having bottle babies is like. Shadow is so precious. I know you aren't getting much sleep right now, but it's so worth it.
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My mom has also been saying that she doesn't want Shadow because she was done with cats after Misty died, but I can tell that every day she falls more and more in love with it.