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Do You Recognize These SM Rookies/NCT Members In These Early Videos?
So I went back and was watching some old EXO videos and bam to my surprise I saw quite a few SM Rookies/NCT members within the videos that I thought were just actors during the first time I saw the videos.
I was obsessed with this video when it came out but looking back little did I know that SM Rookie (possibly future NCT member for those of you who don't know him) Johnny Seo in the video. Not only him but NCT member Taeyong made an appearance too!
This video was released in late 2014, but the members look so young to me!
In Chanyeol's video we have Yuta and Jaehyun looking cute as ever. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure some of the NCT members/SM Rookies covered the song playing.
In Lay's we have Taeyong playing the younger version of Lay.
In Suho's we have Ten playing the part of a friend.
In Tao's we have Yuta playing the part of Tao's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.
And in Luhan's we have Jaehyun playing the part of the rival. And Taeil sings the song for the video.
Does anyone notice a member that I didn't? Or has anyone noticed this before I did?
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I had to do a double take whenever I went to rewatch Sehun's video. I was like, "Hey is that Johnny? Wait that's Taeyong?" And then I rewatched the rest of the videos. All those above had Rookies/NCT members in them. Xiumin's, Baek's, Kai's, Kyungsoo's, and Chen's didn't have any though.
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you have hawk eyes
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What videos are those?
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Haha you're welcome! If I wasn't such a huge Sehun fan back in 2014 I wouldn't have known about them either!
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