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So we're really kicking it back up with updating daily, well nightly lol. I wanted to complete this a bit ago but I was having to research all the way until the end and omg I'm happy I done now lol okay hope you enjoy!
Jenni watched as sarah hobbled over  to sit on the couch.  "You should tell Jin how you got hurt " jenni stated a confused look from sarah. "Because he's already heard our trial this morning, it's only fair he gets to hear your story " jenni said "Your going to scar the man with more information like this" namjoon advice.  "But it would be worth it, hmm more like we need to get those other 4 boys wait no we've gotten J hope multiple times so just the three left" jenni laughed "Well figure something out but for now I don't need to tell Jin and worry him " sarah said. "Oh alright fine" she said "Anyone want something to drink?" Jenni asked getting up.  she made her way to the fridge. Opening the crisper she dug around and found a couple ciders, a few beers and bottles of water "Beer, cider or water? " Jenni called out "We still have ciders?" Sarah asked. "Yup" jenni said. She grabbed two ciders and two beers when she pulled her head out she hit the back of it on the fridge. "Owe" she whined putting the bottle of cider against the back of her head. "That hurt " she added. "You okay over there?" Sarah called out. "Dandy" jenni said picking up the bottles on the counter and bringing them into the other room. She held her cider against her head and the other three bottles in one hand. "Hurt yourself!" Sarah asked with a grin on her face. "Not as bad as you, just a bump on the head" jenni said handing people bottles. "Got to get the opener" jenni said moving back to the kitchen and dug it out of a drawer. A hand wrapped around hers on the bottle "Its fine Joonie, the sting will go away in a minute" jenni said knowing who it was. "Are you sure? There's no bump?" He questioned even as his hand messaged her scalp looking for any bumps. No bump found. "Come on, let's watch emotional dramas and get all sappy" jenni laughed turning to Namjoon.  "So is that what you girls do?" He raised an eyebrow. "You should know me better then to question that " jenni chuckled.  "Yea I do which is why I know your going to continue watching the show from yesterday " he chuckled. "You know me so well" she grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him down a little so she could kiss him. He allowed it and they stayed like that for a minute before sarah called out to them to come with the bottle opener. "Sarah your not on any meds are you?" Jenni asked holding onto the bottle. "Nope, the guy at the clinic wrapped it in a bandage and told me it's only a sprain and should be better in a week or so. So no pills for me but I see alcohol in my future" she explained even as she made grabby hands to get her drink back, Jenni laughed and opened it then handed it to her. She opened kooki's beer and handed it to him then got comfy for binge watching the finder. In the morning Jenni and sarah went into work for the early morning show. No one had gotten lucky last night, the boys had gone home after watching 5 episodes, they said they would finish after work. "So what are you thinking about?" Sarah asked after starting the show. "Hmm well I'm thinking about cheesecake. Sweets sound so good right now " jenni said. "Cheesecake, what about cookies?" Sarah questioned as she pulled out her phone. "Hmm yummy, cupcakes and oh chocolate ice cream!" Jenni said making sarah laugh. "Just give me sweets and tell me I'm pretty and I'll love you forever " jenni said. "Oh really " sarah said. "Yup" jenni nodded. At that moment her phone vibrated several times. She looked at it to see several messages from people. "Diamond!" Jenni exclaimed opening the first one to see emojis of cupcakes,  cakes, and candy. "Your pretty" sarah told her making jenni laugh "Awe  I love you!" She made a heart with her finger she looked back down at her phone to see she got messages from Namjoon,  Jimin and J hope. A bunch emojis and compliments. Jenni couldnt help but laugh. "Omg I love these guys.  Some of my guy friends just messaged me telling me I'm pretty and sending cupcakes" jenni said. "Oh yea! What about me, Diamond wants some love too. Give me a cookie and I'll love you forever!" Sarah announced.  Jenni laughed  and looked through her phone. "Omgee can you believe there is no cookie emoji! How is that possible!" Jenni laughed and went online to search for pictures of cookies. She sent Sarah heart shaped cookies and  a picture of kooki as a cookie.  Sarah got it and several messages, the only way jenni knew sarah got hers was when she burst out laughing holding onto her stomach. "I sent a picture of Jungkook as a cookie to her guys. She can't even breath from laughing " jenni told their listeners. "Oh thats it, I want to get cookies with Kooki's face on them for my birthday " sarah announced making jenni laugh. "Ruby I'll get you namjoon cookies!" She added. "You see! See this is how we end up getting each other weird gifts. We're just asking for it!" Jenni laughed. "And Diamond I'm okay with namjoon handing me a cookie" jenni added "if you accomplish that, I'll take you to . . . . Seoul!" Jenni said "Well  damn . Okay okay I'll try to make it work. . . .  I wonder if he would do that . . . I mean I did talk to him a couple times . . . Soo . . . Oh come on why are you picking things I can't  . . .  Wait a minute" sarah was on a role with thinking outloud as Jenni laughed. "Nothing is impossible" jenni said "Okay I'm going to either rob a bank, or win the lottery. Then I can throw money at them and be like money isn't a problem but can you do this favor for me" sarah narrowed her eyes. "Wait a minute! You would take me to Seoul! Ruby we live here, and I just really over thought that entire thing.  You know I honestly could probably ask him and he would do it. . . . Why did I think so hard on that" sarah said jenni was too busy laughing. "Your already here,  I didn't know where else to take you. ninjas! I just said the closest thing to bts " jenni said between laughter. "You are so mean, for that no namjoon cookies for you!" Sarah said. "Fine I'll eat the kooki cookies I make for you" jenni said. "Mine" sarah said "That was good" jenni laughed "And fine I'll share the cookies with you" jenni added. "Awe you love me!  Showering me with cookies!" Sarah said. They laughed about it before going on to a couple songs and then taking callers. Before the end of the show Jenni brought up that they would be having a couple special guests during their afternoon show.  With that they ended the show. Namjoon and Kooki were waiting downstairs. They both had baskets in their hands. "What is this? " Jenni asked skipping over to the pair. "Are you taking us on a picnic?" Sarah asked. "To make up for being duchess yesturday?" Jenni questioned "Bit harsh there" Kooki commented. " you played a mean joke wanting both of us to pick and choose who to try out next" jenni broke it down. "Okay that sounds I lot worse the I thought it was" Kooki winced. "No sensor?" Namjoon questioned. "Im being blunt aren't I? " She winced. "Okay I'm sorry " she apologized "soo what do you have there?" Jenni asked "Sweets, and breakfast" namjoon smiled at her. "Awe I love you!" She said to him hopping up and down excited for sweets. "Do you mind if we stay together, since we wanted to go to a park" namjoon asked. "Together?" Sarah questioned "Just to -" "Don't answer I think I get it. And don't you dare say it out" jenni pointed out "Peach?" Sarah questioned "Peach? No its blueberry" jenni said " We don't speak of blueblerries" sarah said. "Why? " Kooki was confused. "You want to know" jenni grinned at him. "yes" he said slowly. "No you dont" sarah said. "Its like saying moist" sarah said "ewwww" jenni covered her ears. "Okay okay come on lets go for that picnic " sarah laughed shaking her head as the two guys stared at them confused.  They relocated to a park about ten minutes away from their work. Jenni sat next to Namjoon with her head on his shoulder and sarah sat by kooki digging through a basket. "There's cookies!" Sarah exclaimed. "Which reminds me, Namjoon will you give jenni a cookie?" Sarah looked up to pier at him. He chuckled and dug into his basket. "Here you go panda, you look pretty this morning " namjoon told her handing jenni a plastic bag of chocolate chip cookies.  "For me! Awe your so sweet to me Joonie "  jenni said and kissed his cheek. "Tiger I have something for you" Kooki said. " I couldn't get you cookies with my face on them but I got you this " he pulled out  a package of cupcakes. "Cupcakes! Yes!" Sarah said. "I got kooki and cupcakes  I'm the luckest!" Sarah squealed "You got cookie?" Kooki looked confused. "You!" She grinned at him. They pulled out the rest of the food, it looked as if they raided a convince store, with sandwiches, breads, soft drinks, and coffee in a cup. They ate and talked about random things. Jenni used namjoon as a pillow and took a nap on him after. Sarah had kooki laying on her and played with his hair. When it was time to go back to the studio namjoon woke jenni up and sarah woke kooki up so they could leave,  they both said they would be working and to message after they were done working.
"So it's your 4 year anniversary! congratulations are you excited that you've made it this far" Jenni questioned "yeah, so excited we have So many fans and recently we had our come back!" Cory started. "Yes !I meant I am addicted to your song still 24 K and that music video omgee much fun that you have playing with those guns?" Jenni sounded excited jumping right over introductions. "Ruby!" Sarah called out making jenni look at her. "What?! It would be fun" jenni exclaimed " this is why you're never allowed near one! I would be so afraid if you ever got your hands on one" Sarah squealed. "Hey!" Jenni said but laughed. "Well I have to say it was fun to go into a room guns blazing" sungho chuckled. "See! I want to do that too!" Jenni said making everyone chuckle. "The fight scene at the end was the best " kisu said. "Oh I just bet. Now were they real guns or fake?" Jenni questioned "No they weren't real, for safety reasons " Cory answered. "Oh poo" jenni pouted. Once again they all chuckled at her response. "So Ruby kind of went head first but why don't we back up and have you each introduce yourselves for those who are listening! " Sarah was shaking her head. "Sorry " jenni said sheepishly. "Its okay" So one by one they introduced themselves " Hi I'm Cory, leader of the group " " Hi I'm  Kisu,  I do vocals" "Hello I'm Jeunguk,  I do Rap and lead dancer" "Hello I'm Hui and I do vocals" "Hi, I'm Jinhong,  I do both vocals and rap" Hello! I'm Byungho. I do all three, Rap,  dance, and vocals!" "Hello I am Hongseob, I do vocals" They each went through a brief hello. "So we know who the leader is but who is the makane in the group?" Jenni asked. "I am!" Hongseob raised his hand "Yea by six days" Jinhong scoffed. "Seriously? Omo two babies!" Jenni laughed "Ruby! " Sarah said. "My babies!" Sarah anounced. "No I want them, you have bts maknae! " Jenni laughed "Oh drat, well you know what! They are too young for me anyway " sarah said making Jenni laugh. "Alright well we are going to play their new song still 24 K and we'll be right back!" Jenni said switching a flip and turning on music. "Just let us know if we get a little to crazy for you! I don't want to scare you away" sarah told them "Hey I don't want to scare them either" jenni pointed out "Jen jen you still have no sensor, and I swear if you say blood once more I will show you yours" sarah tried to make a serious threat but the laughter had brought it down a notch, "Blood?" Cory questioned confused. "Please don't ask! You will be scarred at the answer" sarah warned. "But I'm curious!" Jinhong whined. Jenni got an evil look on her face. "Are you now" jenni looked over at him. "No no he isnt" sarah answered for him. "I think he is" jenni said. "I'm afraid you'll make us all scarred for life now" sarah said. "Jinhong your not curious, you don't need to know" Cory said, a panicked face. "Oh look we're back on air!" "Our listeners can handle it! "Uh panda or bear!  Wait no um Panda or tiger!" Sarah got flustered. Jenni burst out laughing "Panda bear! " jenni cheered. "No its panda or tiger?! Which one will you boys pick" sarah redirected the question. "I have panda!" Jenni said pulling out a panda and making it climb up the table til it peeked it's head over the edge.  All the boys looked. A minute went by as Jenni continued to play with the panda before they all burst out laughing. "Do you have a tiger that does that too?"  Changsun questioned sarah. Sarah grinned and pulled out a tiger animal and made it walk across the table towards them then growl and roar. "I want tiger! " changsun said reaching for it "Panda panda panda!" Hongseob cheered making jenni laugh "Do you want panda?" Jenni asked "Do you have more then one?" Cory questioned. Jenni grinned and opened up the drawer, kisu who was closest looked inside and his eyes widened. "Guys she has a whole drawer filled!" He exclaimed "Diamond  has a drawer filled with tigers too" jenni said. "I want tiger!" Cory said seeing what sarah was doing with her animal. Sarah grinned and handed him a tiger. "Tiger" changsun said right after. Ha two for two!" Sarah said. "Um Panda " Hui said quietly jenni smiled at him and made the panda walked over to him and cuddle against his hand. "I want panda to do that! " Jinhong said making jenni laugh. She took out another panda and had it walk over to him and plop down on his hand. "Im more tiger then panda " Jeunguk said making sarah laugh. "Tiger tiger tiger!" Sarah chanted. "To funny Diamond" jenni said then turned to kisu. "You know kisu you remind me of Jimin from bts I just realized this. Omgee will you be my new best friend!" Jenni exclaimed. Kisu looked startled. "Ruby I'm your best friend! " Sarah said. "Fine, my best guy friend!" Jenni amended.  "Uh okay?!" He sounded unsure of that answer "And you picked panda. It's a match! Omo Yey I have a friend!" Jenni cheered "You two alike" Cory commented "Thats funny, oh hopefully your old best guy friend doesn't get jealous" sarah pointed out but jenni just waved her hand. " Jiminie is still my friend" jenni said as if it was already decided. "He can't leave me" she added "Once you befriend us, your stuck with us!" Sarah laughed. "And since you picked a friend hmm  I get Byungho, Jeunguk,  Hui and  Cory!" Sarah said. "Omo that not fair! No! You get 1!" Jenni pouted. "But I want them all!" Sarah whined back "Ruby get them all!" Jenni said "And yes we are fighting over you now" jenni added looking at them  "You can have kisu I'll take the rest" sarah compromised. "How bout I get the maknaes too! Panda power stick together! " Jenni cheered. "Drat I can't argue with panda and tiger results " sarah said. They burst out laughing. "Well I get the rest! and I dub Cory my new bestie!" Sarah said. "Okay okay we'll settle down now.  Why don't we ask you a couple questions" sarah said wiping away a tear. They went through a series of questions before the time was over. They stayed for two hours and there was only an hour left of their show.  "So it's sad to say we don't have time to play a game with you" jenni said "Game?" A couple of them perked up. "Yes, we normally play some sort of game on air, you know, for fun!" Jenni said "Hmm, do we have anything going on after this?" Kisu asked Cory. "No" he answered. "Well would you guys care to stick around for a while and play a game with us then?" Sarah asked They all agreed. "Okay so what game are we wanting to play, hey why don't we take a couple callers and ask their opinion.  They know what games we play!" Jenni said They took a few callers, some suggestions were  truth or dare,  guess the song, 2 true 1 lie, and one person said panda tiger war.  They decided 2 truths and a lie. After explaining how it works sarah went first. "Okay so let's see, I like cookies, I don't think I would survive being in a horror film, and I am single!" Sarah grinned. "Oooh I wonder which one it's gonna be!" Jenni laughed There was three who thought she would survive a horror movie and four who thought she wasn't single. "Im going to take that as high compliments!" Sarah grinned "and I am actually not single. I have a boyfriend" sarah laughed "lucky guy" Cory laughed. "Your still my bestie!" Sarah told him. "Ruby's turn. Okay I am not bleeding right now, I hate when people talk during a show and I am not single!" Jenni was trying to confuse them. There was mixed answers and when jenni finally told them the first they stared at her shocked. "Ruby's a little blunt " sarah said. "Okay kisu why don't you go!" Sarah moved on from it. "Okay um I can play the piano, I like spicy food and my favorite color is red" he said.  The girls had to guess the guys since they all new each other. "Okay I'm going to guess it's red, especially after my comment" jenni said making sarah laugh. "Im going to agree with her" sarah seconded. "Your right. I'm more a fan of green" he grinned and the girls cheered. Cory went next. " I lived in Oregon USA, I don't cook, and my favorite color is green" "This got hard hmm I want to say you didn't live in the U.S but the whole color thing. .okay I'm going with color is a lie" jenni finally put in her guess. "Im going with cooking. That's a total lie!" Sarah sounded confident. "Diamond guessed right.  I can cook I'm great at making pasta" he grinned. "Oh thats awesome! I love pasta" jenni said.  "My turn!" Jinhong said. "Okay so I was in a former group, I can taekwondo, and I hate food" he said. "You don't hate food!" The girls said in union "Ding Ding Ding  correct!" He laughed. "I'll go next" Hui volunteered "Lets see, I'm very quiet, I'm Chinese,  and my favorite color is green" he said. Sarah and Jenni looked at each other "Color? Color!" They said about the same time. "Right! Sorry it was easy" he said. "Hmm we getting good at this. Okay who do we have left?" Sarah asked " Jeunguk,  changsun and hongseob" jenni said. "Okay my turn " Jeunguk said. "So lets see I've had silver hair, I like animals, and I go on twitter alot" he said. "I remember the silver hair but um do you have twitter? I think I'm going to guess twitter" sarah said. "I copy! Boo to twitter " jenni laughed "Yea I don't go on it that much. I do instagram" he said.n "Oh instagram better!" Jenni said. "So me me " Hongseob said. "Alright go for it" sarah said. "Okay I love food, I love the outdoors, and I love my older sister" he said. "You have a sister?" Jinhong scoffed "Well that gave it away" jenni laughed.  "No sister! "No sister!" Sarah repeated. "Thats funny " sarah laughed "Alright alright one more! Changsun your last but not least.  Try to challenge us! Were ready! " jenni said. "Oh you want it hard, alright" he grinned. " Lets see, in school I am majoring in  dance, I play multiple instruments and I know a dance crew named DQ" he smirked. "Omg dance crew! That's can't be there name!" Jenni said. "Hmm I can see you in school so I'm going with Ruby here  that has to be a lie!" Sarah said as she held back her laughter. "Nope  its the instruments.  We actually worked with the group DQ." He laughed "That is so random!" Jenni laughed. " So we just found out a whole lot about you boys!" Sarah said "there's more then we thought and look at this how did that last hour go by so fast" sarah added. "We were taking our time playing the game" jenni said " But we have time to play to songs after 24 K says goodbye to our listeners!" Jenni added. The guys said goodbye to the listeners and then jenni turned on a playlist.  "That was fun" jenni said. "Hey are you guys really not doing anything now?" Sarah asked. Cory looked at her and shook her head. "How about we treat you to dinner! Thanks for being on the show and to hang out" sarah offered. They thought for a moment before nodding. "We will take you up on that. Though don't you have to finish your show?" Cory asked. " We have a playlist on for the next half hour until the next people come in with news" jenni said packing up and pulling out a panda to play with. "You like playing with panda?" Kisu sidled up beside her. "Panda bear! And yes I love playing with these little guys" jenni laughed.  "We can he'd out! Are we thinking BBQ?  Or something else?" Sarah asked Everyone said something different so as they went down stairs they discussed it. Jenni and kisu were playing with panda’s  making them fight each other. Close to the exit jenni and sarah heard there names being called and looked round to spot the guys from bts by the couches. "Is that another, wait is that bantam boys?" Cory questioned.
okay so I had 4/7 pics of 24k. thanks Aimee for these!
Okay How'd you like that! We got new group joining in for a bit! 24 K! who here has heard of them??? lol I just heard them when their new song still 24 K came out, omg do I love that song! anyway I wonder what's going to happen in the next chapter! both groups poop what's gonna happen there!
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I have heard of 24K, but I don't know much about them. I'm telling myself not to look, because I don't need another group. A lot of my favorites are having comebacks soon, and I can barely handle that.
I love the part where Sarah says give me a cookie and I'll love you forever because that's what I did with my friend one time except it was throw a potato at her and she'll love you forever. And when Jinhong was curious about the blood and Cory was like no you don't need to know and the when Jenni was like I'm bleeding like TMI dude. The part where Jenni and Kisu were playing with the pandas was cute. The games; 2 true and one lie, I'm dumb for asking, I think I sorta get it but what are the rules? Like, how do you play?
I love still 24k I wonder if there will be another part for that mv I really wanna know
@SerenaArthurs hmm lol its funny my teachers for some reason like the game to break the ice as an introduction. how you play is in the group they all take turns, one person has to tell 2 true things about themselves and 1 lie and then everyone has to guess which one is the lie. it's hard to do when you don't know the person but easy when you do with people who know you. that why in the story I did it so the group guesses for sarah and jenni and the girls guess for the group.
@SarahVanDorn I thought you would be happy 😭youbhave everyone gathered. feast! feast! feast!
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