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Kpop Relate 82 πŸ˜‚


Here are some relatable memes for you! I hope you enjoy! XD

Which one is your favorite?

Mine is the ab one...My face exactly LOL Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist, let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~ Savage Thunder Mafia: @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell @sarabear1013 @twistedpuppy @ScarletMermaid @JessWang90 @narutobandgeek @nadinerzz @NasiaWright @KaiLuhan4ever @Helixx @isabellaelliott @Isolate @CreeTheOtaku @ChubbyDumpling @kennaxx @BBxGD Other Fam: @Jaiipanda Tagging the relatists~: A – @AlexisCortez @AlyssaGelet818 @amandamuska @AmberRelynn @Anna5221 @AnnieGoodman @AraceliJimenez @AshestoAshes B – @BAbrajan1 @BereniceMaqueda @bubblekookie C – @catchyacrayon @ChelestiEdwards @Chocolat09 @conversehigh D – @DarciAragon @Defy24601 @drummergirl691 E – @EmilyGardner @Ercurrent @Eswee @ezzygomez24 F – @faith92 @FridaOsorio @frisky199123 G – @Gaarita100 @GossamoKewen95 H – @HopeYoongi I – @InnocentiaKishi @IsoldaPazo @ItatiSanchez @Izab3lla J – @JamiMilsap @JayRaider @JincyAbraham @Jinnyrod3 @Justis K – @kanatm @KarenGuerra93 @KierstinAndrews @Kieuseru @kookieandjin L – @LizaNightshade M – @MaelstromVIP @MaggieHolm @megancurrent9 @MiahCisneros @Miyukichan @monicacerroblan @MRich @mrsjeon @mrsyookihyun @MsLoyalHeart N – @NadineEsquivel @NEOisRealo O – @OhItsJas @otakukpoper P – @pharmgirlerin Q – @QueenPandaBunny R – @Rachelwoo2 @RaquelArredondo @RavenQueen018 @resavalencia S – @sarahdarwish @SarahVanDorn @sarsoosoo99 @SassyMaknae @SerenaArthurs @Shadyllamas @ShinoYuki @SierraBecerra @sosoaloraine23 @sphelpswiley @staceyholley @SugaMint @Sukii @SummerFranz @SusiBosshammer @swarrier16 @SyumbiUchiha T – @TaliaMay14 @taylorthetwist @Tipmon U – @UnicornSuga V – @Vkookie47 W – @WolfLune X – @Xoxojessica12 Y – @yeniyx23 @YviLole15 Z – @Zyxzj

(Credit to the owners of the memes!)

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hands down when I'm caught singing haha
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please add me! These were hilarious XD
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The very first pic kinda happened to me. I was eaves dropping in class and this girl says, "I'll probably just go home and watch kpop mvs. They are so good" I was trying to communicate through my eyes (aka starring thru her soul TBH πŸ˜‚) and send her a message telepathically but it didn't work.
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I do the same thing too, but they just think you are constipated if you do that lol
a year ago
The one with L from Infinite is my favorite. lol
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my favorite is the one who wants to step on non kpoppers and the one with jimin and also the one with hyolyn eating something
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