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LLOOOOOOOOOK HE CHANGED HIS HAIR!! NEW HAIR MEANS COMEBACK!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! And the best part is that it's red again!
I'm truly curious as to what their next comeback is going to be..... I mean.... GAH THE POSSIBILITIES!
Say It/Follow Me didn't have a specific theme.
Open The Door didn't either. At least not specifically that I could tell. But I'm really bad about deciphering meanings unless they're incredibly obvious.
Arario had a traditional theme. And was just all around fun.
Amadeus had a theme too. XD And Xero was a red head here!!!
And finally The Beat! Now.... I don't understand the theme for this one exactly. Like I said, I'm really bad at that. I just know that it was a lot of fun and it was the first (and only so far) comeback after the departure of Kidoh, Seogoong, and Gohn. And Hansol!!
His hair didn't change much from the last comeback. But I think he enjoys it black. I know I do. XD
Hansol had the white blond hair for there debut. Actually.... All of Wizard line did. And that was also when he wore the contacts most often.
So sassy! He knows what he does. His hair literally gets progressively darker as they make comebacks....
Arario had really unique choreography with the fans. Love it!
Ok. So I just now came to the conclusion that TOP DOG was probably my favorite era. And that goes for any member. I love the darkness to it. And Hansol's hair went dark. Not black but more of a dark blue.
And then it's black. I may may have to rethink my favs..... Oh boy. XD
I hope you guys enjoyed this. I honestly didn't know what I was doing. It was completely improvised. Next week I'll have something better. And I know I missed last weeks. It wasn't really a good time. I live in Florida and was affected by the hurricane. Me and my family are perfectly fine. We didn't suffer any damage. We did lose power for 8 hours I didn't get any sleep that entire night. But all is well. I do hope those who were more affected and who suffered more damage can make it through alright. *credit to owners. Nothing is mine* Topp Klass Mod: @MrsJungHoseok Topp Klass Mod Support: @KaeliShearer @AimeeH @MelissaGarza @HeichousRegalia @twistedPuppy YAKPAK @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @ChelseaJay @Baileykayleen @jgallegos222 @tayunnie @VixenViVi @EwSeungkwan @SarahVonDorn @kmeier230 @sugajin94 @torchix @PrincessUnicorn Topp Dogg Taglist: @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @karinamiranda81 @EmilyGardner @kpopandkimchi @SimplyAwkward @YongRaviZiMon @QueenLee @KellyOConnor @EliseB @Viresse @VKookie47 @sarahdarwish @ZeidaAlvarez @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @sherrysahar @DominiqueWhitak @MonAnnahiX @ElenaP16 @megancurrent9 @AgentLeo @IsoldaPazo @sweetnothing34 @merryjayne13 @KatieShiminski
@MelissaGarza He did! It was such a contrast to his past hair styles and colors and it was completely opposite of B-Joo's (which of course was the point). And the makeup tied everything together. XD
Hansol totally rock the dark blue hair color. Top Dog was the first video I saw of Topp Dogg. Hansom is just gorgeous 😍