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Lexx here! I thought for my random card today, that I would talk about some songs that I believe that are not appreciated enough!

Let's begin shall we?

Donghae & Eunhyuk - Oppa Oppa

Although this song is a little more popular than others, I find it to be so addicting to listen to. I will forever love this song!


Romeo - Miro

This is their second comeback and I love this group! They are pretty new so they aren't that popular yet but I love this song. The chorus is so catchy and the video is amazing.

Plus - it has Minho from SHINee in it! (Who doesn't love him?!)

The Legend - Crush on You

This song is also my jam. It is so catchy and it has such a fun beat that I can literally listen to it all day!

(Can I be that girl? Like please?!)

Royal Pirates - Drawing the Line

LIKE OH MY GOODNESS. This song is the shiz. I heard this on Pandora and instantly loved it. I am so in love with this group its not even funny. And they even have a full English version of this song! (That is the second video I posted!)

THEY ARE SO TALENTED *too excited*

Dynamic Duo - Honey Jam

I legit listen to this song like 5 times a day. I am not even lying. After I saw them before this song at KCONNY I fell in love with it! It it incredibly catchy as well and the music video makes me laugh! XD

I love the slow jam feel to it~

B1A4 - What Do You Want To Do

This song...is my life...
My roommate was the one who showed it to me and I think I listen to it more than her now lol. I love B1A4 and so when I discovered this song, I loved how soft and cute it was.


What are some songs that you feel need more love?

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I love Oppa Oppa!!! cx I will definetly listen to these songs cause I haven't heard of any of them. Thank you for recommending them!! And songs by Boyfriend are really underrated :l
Yes Boyfriend is amazing and I am surprised they aren't more popular! I love them!! And enjoy the songs! I love them! 😄😃