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His lips moved softly, wrapping gently around each word, each syllable. How could I not listen.
Once again, he found himself watching the world speed by. Back to the city they went. He tried to think of places they could go but he couldn't think of any, just the places where he and that girl had gone. He damned himself for thinking of that, why was he thinking about it. Because, he heard himself say, they were good times. The good times that always happen in the beginning, when things are new and exciting, when the heart is experiencing something new. Then one day, it all comes to a screeching halt, the black clouds roll in and your trying to find your way back to the beginning. Junmyeon was heartbroken.

He looked back into the backseat and seen Chanyeol's back pack. He reached back and pulled it into his lap. Chanyeol looked over at him, questioning what he was doing.

"Do you have paper and pen?" Jun asked holding the bag.

"Yeah, it's in there." Chanyeol answered, still wondering what he was up to. "What you need them for?"

"Noona suggested writing my side of the situation down. A written testimony she said." Jun said pulling a spiral tablet and pen out, "I don't know where to start."

"Start from the beginning." Chanyeol said.

Jun nodded his head and started writing.

"I, Kim Junmyeon, am writing this in hopes that the truth is revealed and understood. I met P. Areum over a year ago at a company event. She was working as a food server. She was very nice and very pretty, so I started talking to her. We got together that night. (He swallowed hard, his hand shook a little) One thing went from one thing to another and we did sleep together. This was the one and only time we had sex. At no time after that, did she inform me that she was pregnant. We did not see each other again until three months ago. I ran into her at a cafe. She told me she really liked me and wanted to continue seeing me, I agreed to it and we started dating after that.

"The relationship was good in the first month. We would go out when I was available, the tour and event schedule didn't allow me to be with her very much. Sometimes I only got to see her for an hour maybe two hours. She said she understood and did not bother me about it. It wasn't until the second month when her attitude changed.

"Out of the blue she started getting mad. Accusing me of dating other girls while I was out on tour or when I couldn't see her. Even accusing me of lying about being out of the country. She started to become possessive. She had stayed outside the dorm a few times, making sure that I wasn't going out after seeing her. She would argue with me, she would hit me. I never did ever hit her back. When ever she would go that far, I would leave.

"The first time I tried to break up with her, she threatened to bring our relationship to the public, threatened to hurt herself. So I stayed with her. But her abuse was getting to be too much. I didn't want to live like that.

"I went to her that night to permanently break up with her. I was a little afraid of what she might do to me or to herself. I had already experienced the worst of her anger before. I was ready for anything. I showed up unexpectedly. She knew I was back in Seoul but she said she couldn't see me until the next day but I didn't want to wait. I just wanted to get it over with. I waited in the foyer like I always do when I went to pick her up. She wanted me to come sit but I declined. I straight out told her that I was breaking up with her. She can do what ever she wants to do but I was leaving her no matter what. She cried at first and begged me not to but I kept my stance.

"I was going to leave when she grabbed my hair and pulled be back and started hitting and scratching me. I managed to pry her fingers out of my hair and tried to leave but she got In front of me and started screaming at me. Telling me that I'm worthless, that no one likes me, I'm the lesser of the group. She tried hard to bruise my ego but I just didn't listen and moved her away from the door. She started to pound on my chest, even kicking me in the groin. I told her to stop, that no matter what she does or say, I'm still leaving. She ran to the living room, so I tried to hurry and leave but she came running at me, she had something in her hand, so I shoved her as hard as I could. She fell backwards and fell into a vase that cut her arm. She collapsed onto the floor crying. I tried to help her with the bleeding but she got mad and started throwing broken pieces at me. Telling me to get out and never come back. I left her sitting on the floor, still alive."

Junmyeon stopped. The pen fell out of his hand. Chanyeol reached over and took the tablet from him, he quickly read it over. He rubbed Junmyeon's shoulder. Then he tore the pages out and handed them to Jun, Jun took them, folded them and stuffed them inside his jacket. He felt the other paper, the one noona had given him. He opened it and started to read it. His eyes turned into saucers and for the first time, he felt a sense of hope.
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