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컨버사이클, 폴딩자전거. 260만원
Convercycle: The convertible electric city and cargo bike Link: (start ups) (Company) YT: Convercycle is the first convertible electric bike that satisfies this craving for more without losing the feel of a regular bike. It seamlessly combines the features of an electric city bike and a cargo bike, essentially giving you the best of both worlds. The motivation Congestion and pollution are major threats to the quality of life of city dwellers. Bikes are among the most popular mobility solutions that facilitate the movement of people from one place to another. Bikes occupy much less space and are more environmentally friendly. However, regular bikes fail to cater for the movement of bigger objects such as grocery bags and parcels. Cargo bikes attempt to solve the problem but they could prove difficult to maneuver and park. The Flip advantage The fold-ability of Convercycle ensures it doesn’t take any more space than a common bike. This offers an obvious advantage when it comes to parking. Regular cargo bikes cannot fit into usual bike racks due to the extra space they occupy when parked. Consequently, the rider has to look for extra space to park the bike. There is no such problem when riding the Convercycle due to its unique design. Design and Features Asides the arguably more pleasing aesthetics, Convercycle Bike doesn’t look any different from a regular bike in its folded position. It boasts impressive compactness and a sturdy look that assures you that you’re getting a durable bike. However, you notice an obvious distinction when the bike is ’flipped’. Simply lifting the bike around the rear wheel spontaneously turns it into a cargo bike. The space created could prove useful for routine shopping, sports equipment, and even child seats. Folding Mechanism Convercycle comes with a patented folding mechanism, which has a unique design for safety and comfort. When folding, the rear wheel moves into position and the auxiliary chain on the rear aligns with the main chain. The rear wheel is interlocked in its new position and the rider is able to enjoy the safe and smooth riding experience you would expect from a regular bike. Other advantages Comfortable handle and seat: The bike’s handlebar, grip, and seat are designed with careful attention to ergonomics. They afford a pleasant ride that is free of any soreness or joint pain. Big basket: The basket is big enough to accommodate two big crates of water. The positioning and design does not compromise the balance of the bike. Custom made to suit the riders: Convercycle can come with different saddle rails bicycle stem sizes. You have the luxury of choosing the size before bike delivery. Removable battery: The battery can be removed and charged without hassle. Pricing info UPDATE 28th Apr 2020: The Convercycle Bike “Standard” is priced at €1,999 EUR while the Convercycle E-Bike “Electric” costs €3,199 EUR. You can purchase them from the company’s official website. The delivery time is currently 6 months from receipt of the order. : 1€ = 1,335원 (2020. 1119) 1,315×1,999=2,628,685원 LOADS EASY TO TRANSPORT With the Convercycle Bike you can easily transport your purchases. Whether crates of drinks, food or bulky stuff from the flea market. Everything finds its place in the 60 x 40 cm load basket. You can do your shopping stress free, without emissions and without looking for a parking space. RIDE COMFORTABLY In the folded state, the City mode, the compact dimensions allow you to maneuver with a small turning circle. You'll be able to move around the city the way you're used to on a normal bike. A BIKE FOR ANIMALS You want to transport your dog by bike? No problem with the Convercycle Bike! A suitable crate or even animal transport boxes can be easily integrated, since we adhere to the Euronorm dimensions 40 x 60 cm for the basket dimensions. BY BUS AND TRAIN The Convercycle is less than 2 meters long in City mode and can therefore easily be taken on public transport, such as the bicycle compartment on trains. FITS EVERY ELEVATOR When folded, you can easily take the Convercycle Bike in the elevator, for example at the train station or on the way to your apartment or office. EASY TO PARK If you want to park your Convercycle Bike safely, for example in a bicycle cellar, a garage or a hallway, you can also climb one or two steps thanks to its compactness. This is not possible with many other cargo bikes. And if you have very little space, the Convercycle can also be set up. More about this in the features section. FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY You can mount a standard child seat behind the saddle, just like on normal bicycles. The advantage: The seat floats over the load basket and can be used in both city and cargo mode on the Convercycle bike. NO COMPROMISES Thanks to its 28 inch wheels, the Convercycle can also be used for longer tours. The large wheels also help you overcome curbs and potholes. Unique among the Cargobikes. A great riding feeling!