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Tonight is a Friday night and instead of going out and partying like most people my age i will be spending the night studying for my test on Monday. I know all of the information that will be on it still I like to know for a fact that I'm ready for it. I have no idea why I thought it would be ok for my boyfriend to come over tonight. He’ll do nothing but distract me from my work! But I really do miss him. I haven’t seen him since Tuesday in school. I’ll only study until nine. That was I still have a lot of time to spend it with Hyunsik. Just then there was a knock at the door. I look at the clock on my phone and frown. “Why is his boy always so damn early?” I ask myself as I get up from my chair and walk to the front door. I open it and o no surprise my boyfriend is standing on the other side a smile on his face. I can’t help but return the smile. He’s just so cute. “Hey baby.” He says leaning down to me and gently holding my face in his hands before he kisses me. I blush slightly and kiss him back. “Hey you.” I say shutting the door behind him and walking back to my study room. “I’m still studying so try not to distract me ok?” I say as I sit back down in my chair. He groans and lays on the couch across from my desk. “Oh hush.” I say looking back at my book. “I’m not going to study all night long so calm down.” Hyunsik lets out a sigh but doesn’t try to change my mind. Not even twenty minutes have past when I hear him breathing deeply. I glance up at him then look against quickly as I see that his hand is wrapped around his length stroking and pumping it. My body reacts immediately and I can feel my body temperature rise and my breath hitch at the sight of him. “Hyunsik. What are you doing?” I ask trying to hide my excitement. He open is eyes and looks at me with a smirk on his lips. But instead of answering me he gets up and walks over to me to stand behind me. I tilt my head to the side and sigh out a moan as he hides his face in my neck breathing against it and gently biting it. He bites harder making my sex wake up with her own need. I reach one arm behind me and pull his hair but he unwraps it from his neck and pins it down to the desk. “Nah uh uh. You have to study. This is your motivation to finish sooner.” He whispers in my ear. I bite my lip. How the hell am I supposed to do that? I ask myself. I open my eyes back up and look at the top corner of my book. This is the last chapter. All I have to do is make it through this last chapter. I take in a deep breath and start to read the words on the page. I suck in my breath when Hyunsik moans softly against my ear. With having my hands still pinned to the desk he leans down and starts to bite at my collar bone. “Hyunsik.” I moan out softly letting my eyes flicker shut. He growls and stands me up kicking the chair out of his way. He grabs my hips pulling them to him causing me to bend over the desk. He holds my hip bone with one hand and smacks my ass with his other. “Study.” He says simply. I quickly open my eyes locking hem on the words. I can already feel my womanhood form a layer of excitement as Hyunsik rubs the area he just struck with his hand. I try my best to fully focus but it is growing more difficult with Hyunsik. I can hear him get on his knees and I hold back a moan as I feel him hold my hips. He takes his fingers and hooks them at the top of my shorts and slowly starts to pull them down. As he does Hyunsik leans forward and kisses my new bare skin from my back dimples to the underside of my backside. I lean my head back and moan his name and he instantly strikes my behind. “Study.” He says his voice a little deeper than before. I bite my lip to trap my moan. I open my eyes again and look down at my book and continue reading. I turn the page and look down at the page number. Oh thank gd I only have two more pages. I say to myself. I grasp the desk when I feel Hyunsik slide down my panties instructing me to step out of them. I start to pant when I feel his hot breath against my screaming womanhood. One page. I say to myself over and over. Hyunsik moans against my sex and then slowly he sticks out his tongue and pressed it to my clit. Finished! I say to myself and let out a loud moan. “Are you finished?” He asks me spanking my bare bottom as punishment. Openly I throw my head back and moan his name. “Yes I am.” I reply. I can feel him smirk against my dripping sex and bite my lip wondering what it is he will do next. To my shock Hyunsik stands up and pushes everything on the desk to the floor and stands on front of it. “Lay down on your back across the table.” He demands his voice so deep and sexy. I try to hide my excitement but I fail as I eagerly hop up on the desk and lay across it. He moves to the end of the table where my head is and leans down to grab the bottom of my shit and lift it up over my head. I let him take off my bra and blush as he stares at my naked body. “So damn beautiful.” He says softly. Elegantly he strips down and stands in front of my face again his hard penis laying on top of my face. I moan as I kiss it over and over. Then I open my mouth and let my tongue run along it as Hyunsik starts to thrusts his hips. “Damn.” He grunts looking down at the sight. “Scooch up let your head hang over the table a little.” He says pulling his hardness away. I frown at the absence of it but listen to what he says. “Yes like that. Now open your mouth.” He says already starting to breathe differently. I look up at him and slowly open my mouth. We both moan as he slides his length into my mouth. I instantly start to suck on his hardness earning another moan from him. “Ah fuck baby. Harder.” He moans reaching down and filling his hand with my bare breasts. I obey him and suck harder and start to buck my hips as he rubs my hard nipples gently flicking them. I yelp against him as he softly hits my nipples making my excitement drip onto the desk. I suck him hard and fast making him go crazy just as much as I am. “Fuck!” He yells as he starts to thrust down my throat in reaction. I moan along his shaft and start to gag as his whole length is fucking my throat. I reach my hands up and claw at his thighs only causing him to thrusts faster. The faster he goes the louder I gag and the more excited I get. I look up to see his balls and moan at the sight. “Ah fuck baby yes. Like that.” He moans to me as I start to suck again one he pulls out of my throat. I catch my breath from gagging so much and pull my mouth fully away to swallow his precum and my own saliva. But as soon as I open my mouth again Hyunsik shoves his full length down my throat again and starts to thrust at a more aggressive motion than before. Every time he thrusts forward I gag roughly against his tip making him grab my breasts squeezing and groping them. IT feels so good and I am gagging so much that my eyes start to water form the overwhelming stimulating my body is receiving. This stimulation is so grand and so uncontrollable that i can feel my climax approaching. I moan the best I can around the constant force of Hyunsik’s length as I start to buck my hips and dig my nails into his thighs. “Ah baby girl yes! I’m gonna cum holy fuck.” He says as he stands on his tippy toes and full force fucks my throat. It’s hard to breathe but at this moment I don’t care. With my throat sore and my gag reflex being constantly hit I arch my back tilting my head back even more taking it all like a champ. “FUUUCK!!” Hyunsik yells thrusting as fast and as hard as he possibly can. The spots where his sweat drips onto my body seems to overheat my skin in all places. The sounds of him thrusting into my mouth, the sound of his hard panting is enough to send me over the edge. I moan and scream around his length making it even harder to breathe but I don’t care. I can feel all of my climax under me as it drips from my folds. I dig my nails into his thighs as he stills and his hot cum is shot into the back of my throat causing me to instantly swallow it. “FUUUCK!!!! AAAAH FUCK!” Hyunsik yells as his whole body tenses and his penis pulses inside my throat as more cum shoots into it. Once the last of his cum shoots from his tip and I have swallowed every last drop slowly he pulls out of my throat and mouth. I take a deep breath a gasp for air and start to pant hard. I look up at him as he himself is panting just the same. “Oh my god baby girl.” He moans to me as he leans down and presses his soft lips to mine.