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ACEO #241: Warm, cold Friendship

Hi everybody! I want to present you my new ACEO. The topic was contrasts. So I decided to create a picture with two opposits which like each other: my summer and my winter girl. They are chillin in the sun, while the winter girl has snow under her body (and there is snow in the right corner :-))). I really hope you like the image, it was 5 hours work to make it and I really love it ;-) Kind regards Schattenranke
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@alex9094: I have to thank you and all the others for watching my Art and giving me such great feedback :-)
@Schattenranke thank you!!! >.< heheheheh thank you for putting up your work! ^.^
@alex9094: well, Summer and Winter and Fire and Ice are very close to each other so dont worry ;-) just think that Summer and Winter is not so "harsh" like Ice and Fire ;-) Fire Needs to be really hot (more red then orange and yellow Tones) but your Interpretation of my Image is also fine ;-)
@Schattenranke Summer and Winter!! how come I didn't think of that T.T I still love it though!!
@alex9094: First of all I want Thema to be Summer and Winter but you are right, They can also be Fire and Ice ;-)
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