I just woke up this morning and saw the article HB has translated and one word popped out to me:


Yes. Fave Ent has released the sad news that Kyungil, our precious is enlisting!!
This is the Star News article translated by HB below:
[NEWS] 160907 HISTORY’s Song Kyungil accepted into the Police Public Relations Unit; is currently awaiting enlistment date.
Song Kyungil, from the idol group HISTORY (members: Song Kyungil, Na Dokyun, Kim Sihyoung, Kim Jaeho, Jang Yijeong), has been accepted into the Police Public Relations Unit, and is currently awaiting the enlistment date.
On the afternoon of the 7th, a representative from his agency, FAVE ENT, told Star News, “Song Kyungil has recently received notice that he has been accepted into the Police Public Relations Unit. The date of enlistment is not currently known”.
The representative said that Song Kyungil intends to fulfill his military service as a Public Service Officer with the police, and that he will enlist once the date of enlistment has been made known.
The representative also said that, “Plans regarding HISTORY’s future activities are currently being discussed internally. Various means by which HISTORY may continue to meet with fans despite the absence of one member are being explored.”
HISTORY debuted in 2013. They have continued to promote while releasing a number of albums.
I don't want to believe this is happening.
But it is. We're all going to miss him
But on a good side he's going to be a police officer (just like BIGFLO's Jungkyun).
I know he's going to look hella in that uniform.
I also hope for the members to do solo and group activites, hopefully a comeback too. We won't be in a limbo, at least we better not be.
How's everyone feeling about this sudden news?
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oh I'm going to miss Kyungil 😢
oh...if it's public service then he's in longer...oh boy.
yeah for non active duty it's from 24-36 months
I really didn't even notice he was old enough to to enlist. Well regardless I'll be supporting him and the group!
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What? He's 30 already? wow!
oh no, not another one! well hopefully time goes quick. I am looking forward to seeing him in uniform 😍
The feels!!!!😭😭😭
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