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News came out a couple of days ago that the longest running idol group in K-Pop history, Shinhwa, will be appearing on the popular SBS variety show “Running Man,” and now with a photo confirming it, the anticipation is higher than ever. The distant picture floating around on online communities shows the members of Shinhwa lined up along with the members of “Running Man” along the shoreline on a hot day, dressed in team uniforms. It looks like the format is “Running Man” vs. Shinhwa, and with the well-known energy and variety skills of the boy(?) group, fans of both the group and the show can anticipate an exciting episode full of shenanigans, laughs, and fierce competition. This episode is set to air August 25. Who’s excited??? Share on Tumblr
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Awwww, how awesome!!! I am excited! I have been hoping and hoping to see them on RM. Can't wait!