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SHINee‘s Minho continues to raise anticipation for the forthcoming “Medical Top Team.” In a recently released still, Minho is shown in his character, donning the traditional doctor’s white coat over green scrubs. The photo shows him completely immersed in character as Kim Sung Woo; the idol-actor is missing his trademark killer smile. The still is from a scene shot with senior actors. Minho arrived early for the shoot, and was cheerful behind the scenes, contrary to the seriousness he depicted onscreen. It was reported that he smiled freely, immediately greeted his senior actors and approached them for advice, showing his enthusiasm. Despite his hectic schedule with SHINee activities, Minho has endeavored to take on the Kim Sung Woo role, earlier reported to be a guardian angel to co-star Oh Yeon Seo‘s character. “I finished my first filming with a fluttering heart,” Minho is quoted as saying. “I was nervous on the first day of the filming, and I was not as prepared as I hoped, but I will try harder in the future to learn this role. I, along with the senior actors, the director, and the staff, will do everything possible to produce good work.” Meanwhile, “Medical Top Team” stars Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Clazziquai’s Alex, and Lee Hee Jin, among others, creating a world of top doctors and the intense power struggles among them.
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he looks so handsome in that coat >.< looks like a real doctor! so handsome kkk ~~