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Hello my Lovely BEAU'S I am back babies! I missed you all but I have some goodies for you all that you will love. As you can see I bought the Magic Snow Fixing Foundation from Aprilskin and Girl...... that thing covers pimples, scars, pores everything!!! I'm not kidding!!
First of all when I first got the package it came really secured it was bubble wrapped well it was not broken nothing was wrong with it, so I give them a star for that! The presentation its self is really fancy it looks that it costs a lot of money. You know those Clinique compacts well Aprilskin wins over! the outer shell compact color is a Rose Gold, its beautiful and even the sponge that is inside is PINK!
Let me state out that they have different foundations for different type of skin textures!
1. White Cushion (Dry/Normal)
2. Black Cushion (Combination)
3. Rose Gold Foundation (Combination/Very Oily)

Green Tea

is really good not only for your body while drinking it but it also prevents your skin to dehydrate, or being damaged. It also helps reducing appearance of wrinkles its all in one!

Jeju Cherry Blossoms

Keeps the skin really hydrated for those who have oily or combination skin, and it makes your complexion more brighter and radiant.

Camellia Japonica Flowers

The Camellia flower has antioxidants that helps prevents skin-anti aging.
Sadly it only comes in three colors
1. Light Beige (21)
2. Pink Beige (22)
3. Natural Beige (23)
It costs $27.00 Dollars yes because its specially made for oily skin! but I promise its worth it.
(Say NO MORE *take my money!*, still not convinced?)
See for yourself...vvvv
When wearing this FOUNDATION!

1. It's lightweight

I totally forgot i was wearing make up.

2. It Controls Oil!!!!!!

Yes i just said it, it controls oil!
I noticed that my T-Zone <(Forehead, Nose, Chin & Cheeks) were not oily! its a new innovating thing in the make up world, you don't need Blotting sheets I can prove it!
I added two pictures of the blotting sheets I used. I did my makeup around 10 AM and at 2 pm I decided to use a paper.
(NOTE: the oil from the blotting paper is from my whole face)
At 6 pm my face was still matte, surprisingly I had a bit of oil from my nose.

3. You can add more layers for a FLAWLESS complexion.

I only added two layers and my face was soft as a babies butt!
As you can see its really smooth~
#MAKEUPONFLEEK #dontmindmymessyhair
Also one of the things that I have seeing is that it has a Authentic sticker saying that it's an official product from Aprilskin. We all know they sell cheap make up brands in markets or in some websites those products are known as FAKE.
Quick tip: Make sure it has the sticker when you buy it *wink wink*
Now for the good part of this review is the consistency of the foundation,

1. It's not Cakey
2. It's Smudge free
3. It is Matte
4. Not Oily!
5. Lightweight
Let me clarify something it is a mesh based foundation it is NOT A CUSHION.
One of the things that I love about this compact is that it covers up all imperfections, its really good for Acne-Prone Skin.
As you can see the coverage of this foundation is perfect! If I had to rate this product. It would be 4 out of 5 Stars!
One of the reasons why I gave it four stars is that it did control some of my oil from my nose area, but not fully completely like all my face.
Like I have said on my previous cards you can fry a chicken on my face, but I love this foundation and I would buy more products from Aprilskin.
Here is a Short Video for those who are interested in buying this product.
This is it Beau's I hope you all enjoyed my review if you want to know more make sure to visit their webpage for more products like these the link is above! If you want to be tagged let me know and I will try my best to tag you~ Also let's not forget to subscribe to our K-beauty & K-fashion section!
Stay Flawless Beau's Until the next card~
Hasta La Vista Beau's!
Le Muah- Nana♥
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lol this would be be great... if it wasn't Korean. people of my skin color can't use this. 😂
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I think they might be coming out with other shades soon, I'm not sure. I hope so!
I absolutely love this cushion! I've been using it for a couple of months now and you reminded me I need to buy another one haha
I know right! I'm like in love with it omg~ finally someone that understands me! ^^