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I'VE FINALLY DONE IT GUYS. A WHOLE LIST OF MY SERIES!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, thank you SO MUCH for 500+ followers on this collection, Korean with K-Pop! I really appreciate it! I hope it grows even more so that everyone can learn Korean easily!! Again, thank you so much for your support!!!! Keep scrollin' until you see the series you wanted to see! If you see something that you haven't seen yet, make sure to click on it (ctrl+click if you don't want this page to go away!)

This list will be UPDATED as I keep posting cards that add onto the series!

I'm also going to put the views, so later on we can see how many MORE people got the opportunity to learn Korean :D

Alphabet Series

Introduction (CurrySoop's Speech) (6.1K): Introduction 2 (Keyboard Intro) (62.7K): ㅂ (2.5K): ㅈ (3.1K): ㄷ (3K): ㄱ(2.9K): ㅅ(3K): ㅛ (4.5K): ㅕ(3.5K): ㅑ(3.9K): ㅐ(2K): ㅔ(2.3K): ㅁ (4.2K): ㄴ(2.9K): ㅇ(2.2K): ㄹ (2.1K): ㅎ(3.8K): ㅗ(4.3K): ㅓ(4.4K): ㅏ(3.1K): ㅣ(2.7K): ㅋ(3.7K): ㅌ(4K): ㅊ(3.3K): ㅍ(2.8K): ㅠ(4.1K): ㅜ(11.9K): ㅡ(2.9K):

Phrases Series

Introduction (2K): 따라해 [ddarahae] (1.9K): 너는 너 나는 나 [noneun no naneun na] (49.8K): 쿵쿵쿵쿵 [keung keung keung keung] (2.4K): Hunanana;sdfjkeaw;dkjf Girl [EXID: Hot Pink] (2.3K): ㅂeeee With Me? [Letters with Context] (2.5K): Do you like ㅈokes? (Me? If they're K-Pop Related) [Letters With Context] (5K): Daehyun's Feet Problems (3.2K): G-Dragon and Lovesickness (4.3K): 머리부터 발끝까지 (meoributeo-bakkeutkaji) with MINO:

How to Learn Korean with SONGS!

SWK (Snapchat Series)

K-Pop Idol Names Series

Congratulations on getting all the way down here!!!!! If you have any requests, please COMMENT so I know what to do next!! Please leave comments if you saw this, I'm feeling a lil lonely here...
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