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Why Minhyuk, Why?!
I have to admit, I was never really into Minhyuk like that, except in No.Mercy. I always saw Minhyuk as someone I wanted to become friends with, but damn had to come back with that dark hair again!! In No.Mercy he caught my attention a lot. PERSONALLY, I really like Minhyuk in dark hair. I think it's really sexy.

Excuse me while I spam you with Minhyuk pictures.

Don't worry Hyungwon, you're still my hubby & UB~ ♡

Just needed to get that out of my system.
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Minhyuk kills this hair color! ITS SO AMAZING! I LOVE IT!
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RIGHT @JohnEvans !!!!
a year ago
He went from fluff ball of sunshine to.... To put it simply and a bit more PG... DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYUMM
a year ago·Reply
Here I was thinking Minhyuk with blonde hair was sexy but now with dark hair, OMG! Sexy overload 😍😱
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Oh wow!!!! O.O I thought I loved him with blondish-white hair but god damn he looks so fiiiine with dark hair!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Dark haired boys has always been my weakness 😍😍
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