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Hello all..
2016 has been a GREAT YEAR so far as of comebacks, and there are MORE TO COME!
Although we, fans have faced some tragedies (*ahem*, 4Minute disbanding, MissA disbanding... UGH), we should continue CHEERING for our beloved groups :)))

Here's a list of September comebacks (some are not yet announced, some have been out already)!

*whispers* i love blackpink ;))))
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@CurrySoop yup and I saw a post on Facebook say that 2NE1 is going to have comeback but idk when!
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whaaaa... @EmilyGardner
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@CurrySoop ik I'm so excited!
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shinee finally... I'm so excited馃槅
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what was the last one... view? that was such a long time ago... @strawberrylover
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