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Our cute Lay Little Sheep
The way he hugs the sheep toy just melt my heart!!
Who won’t want his kissssss~~~
Such a cutie!!
But slowly he turn…..Turning from little sheep to an evil sheep
Where is my “sweet sheep”?
Where did the “innocent” goes!!!
What happen to the “pureness”??
You don’t need to shoot me anymore.....
I am already “DEAD”
Innocent??? Yea OK.. This guy makes you think OMG his so adorable and in 0.1 second you're minds in the gutter and your undressing him from the waist down! and he KNOWS IT AND JUST KEEPS GOING TILL YOU'RE SUCH A SINNER YOU'RE JUST LIKE F@&K IT....
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I totally agree with you 😀
Evil. Just Evil. But so loveable.
Yixing is gonna make me put him in time out again!!!!!!
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@MelissaGarza I know, right???? Then I saw his birthday video and all hell broke loose!!!!
I can't wait to see his new drama. I've seen the trailers and it wasn't what I expect. I'm still going to watch though ☺
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oh ok, I'll go check it out. I need a new drama to beng this weekend 😀