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I really wonder if bts sits in a room figuring out how to mess with army's 3 CD releases later. Cause everyone is connecting 3 debuts back with these short films
@ESwee lol. yea you're right there's a lot of crazy. because there is so much confusion yet everything connects @ 1:46 in every video so far.
the wings memes came in handy just now
I've been avoiding the whole wings craziness so far, because I have a very obsessive personality and I know I'll go searching through with a fine toothed comb and I can't deal with that right now. Lol
I....HEY BIGHIT COULD YOU, MAYBE, NOT? PLEASE? YOU HAD TO RELEASE WINGS THE WEEK I START SENIOR YEAR? ARE YOU TRYING TO PREVENT ME FROM GRADUATING?! But in all seriousness, I can't even right now; I thought by watching the first 3 shorts that it would connected to Danger, cause there's a flashback to when Taehyung cuts his hair, and Run, because Taehyung looks like he is being interrogated for killing his father and the bathtub scene from Lie. But now there's another connection? Why can't Bighit just have a nice comeback with no complex theories and no sad feels? Why can't it just be a song about pizza?
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