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GaLe-Has Anyone Noticed?!🤔
This is a question I'm asking among those who are up to date with the FT manga. If you're currently not up to the FT Chapter 488 of the GaLe moment then I'd advise you to not even bother reading ahead on this post until you do get up to it. But if you have then please read on ahead and leave an answer!
So, here's that GaLe moment that's been on my mind for a while now. On this very part I was already choked up on emotions that I didn't quite think about it too much...but I looked back to it and realized that holy smokes! GaLe's kids are being shown!!!! Gajeel actually thought of kids with Levy!!! And it was shown!!!!!!!!
This is practically a glimpse of how their kids will look if there is another FT series with the next generation!They're absolutely adorable!!!!!!! Did anyone notice it?! Because I haven't seen a post about it since then. Only posts about Gajeel confessing his love for Levy. Please, tell me I'm not the only one that has noticed this. Lol
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I noticed too just didn't think much about it cuz i was too busy crying. haha.
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@MissHitachiin Yeah same here
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