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Who: BTS x Reader Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst Warning: Language If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/ False Innocence Collection
[Y/N] POV Unlocking the door to your home you lead Namjoon into the entry way. You took your shoes off and went into the kitchen. “Would you like anything to drink,” you asked from the room. Namjoon walked into the kitchen asking you what you had to drink. You named off a number of things and he selected water to drink while you got yourself some orange juice. You could tell he was nervous being in your home because he was chugging his water. Watching him do this made you suddenly remember the words he spoke to you on the street and you started to blush. “Do you mind if I change out of my uniform,” you asked Namjoon shyly. “N-no not at all. Um can I ask you to show me where the bathroom is,” he asked. You pointed down a hallway and then ran off to your bedroom. The first thing you did was change into a pair of grey joggers and an old baggy t-shirt then you brushed out your hair. Looking at yourself in the mirror you finally saw how terrible you actually looked. Your eyes were puffy and surrounded by dark circles, tear stains were down your cheeks and your nose was red from your constant wiping it. ‘God I look awful,’ you thought as you grabbed a facial cleansing tissue and started to wipe your face. You walked back down the stairs and into the living room where you saw Namjoon loosening his tie and unbuttoning a few of the buttons from his uniform shirt. You suddenly felt yourself blushing for some reason. Maybe it was seeing him unbutton his shirt, maybe it was because you finally realized you were alone with a boy in your home for the first time, and it wasn’t Taehyung. Not that you and Taehyung had been alone in your home, but he hadn’t even been over to your home. You suddenly started to feel depressed again and let out a sigh. You walked up to Namjoon and held out your hand. He looked at your hand then at you questioningly. “I can take your blazer and hang it up. This way you are more comfortable,” you said nudging your hand in his direction. He nodded nervously and removed his blazer handing it to you, “Thank you.” You walked over to the hall closet and hung up his blazer and walked back over to the kitchen to grab your drinks. When you walked into the living room you saw Namjoon sitting straight as a board on the couch. You started laughing at him. “You don’t have to be so nervous Namjoon. We’re just watching a movie,” you said with a giggle. He chuckled a little and apologized. “Would you like any snacks to go with our movie,” you asked. “We have a lot here, or I can make something.” “You don’t need to make anything. Here I’ll help you gather some,” Namjoon said getting up. Namjoon followed you into the kitchen and helped you bring a number of snacks into the living room and placed them on the coffee table. “So what movie are we watching,” Namjoon asked trying to keep the atmosphere light. You stood and thought for a moment. “I don’t know. We have all the streaming movie sites as well as this collection of movies over here,” you said while pointing to a bookshelf filled with movies. “What kind of movies do you like Namjoon?” “I like most anything but how about something funny?” You nodded in agreement and had him help you select a movie from your family’s collection. “By the way [Y/N],” Namjoon said while you put the movie into the player, “Your family has a beautiful home.” “Thank you Namjoon. My parents work really hard,” you responded. “Where are they tonight?” “My dad’s company had some kind of company retreat thing. They said I could go but...” You trailed off remembering you were suppose to have a date with Taehyung tomorrow and that’s why you had told your parents you weren’t joining them this year. “But?” “N-nothing. Don’t worry about it. Let’s watch the movie.” You turned the TV on and pressed play, starting the movie. You sat down on the other side of the couch a good distance away from Namjoon. Wrapping yourself in a blanket, you pulled your knees to your chest and waited for the movie to start.
Yoongi POV Yoongi sat in the sound booth messing with a guitar waiting for Hoseok to show up. Hoseok had to work at his family’s tea shop after school so Yoongi knew it was going to take him a while to get there. When Hoseok showed up in the late evening he greeted Yoongi with a quick hug and the two of them sat down. “So,” Hoseok started, “How bad is Jimin’s face?” Yoongi looked over at Hoseok noticing the obvious worry on his face and mannerisms. Hoseok’s leg was bouncing nervously and he was fiddling with his fingers. “It isn’t too bad thank goodness.” Yoongi let out a sigh of relief and looked over at Hoseok who was still worried. “He looks surprisingly good with makeup. I had no idea he had been hurt.” “Tell me exactly what happened. Why did Taehyung hit him... “ Hoseok sounded frustrated and slightly angry. “Some silly fight. I wouldn’t worry about it.” “No. Tell me.” Yoongi looked over at Hoseok and raised an eyebrow slightly. “Well apparently Taehyung is cheating on [Y/N] with that crazy girl, Nana. And well she knows our secret and she was blackmailing Jimin about doing something. Jimin yelled at Taehyung, Taehyung punched Jimin and well, we both know Jimin wouldn’t hit anyone so he just took the hits.” Hoseok stood up suddenly and started walking around the room. “Hoseok, sit down and relax. Really it isn’t a big deal. Do you see me freaking out,” Yoongi asked putting his hands to his chest. “You never freak out. I can’t believe he hit Jimin. Next time i see him...” “You’ll do nothing Hoseok. Jimin asked me not to tell anyone... but I wanted you to know. I mean I tell you everything regarding Jimin...” Hoseok slammed himself back down in his chair letting out an angry groan. “So Nana is the one threatening about our secret I’m guessing?” Yoongi let himself slide down slightly in his chair looking up at the ceiling and nodded. “I don’t know what she will do. I don’t know her. Jimin says she’s crazy which I believe but I don’t know what to do. If she says something, I don’t know if I’ll be able to turn it around like last time.” “Do you think she will say something?” Hoseok asked looking over at Yoongi nervously. “I mean what did she want him to do that she felt the need to threaten him? What if she does something worse to him because she knows?” “I don’t know Hoseok but being careless is no longer an option. Being together alone in slightly hidden places is no longer an option. This only reduces the amount of time that can be spent together.” There was a silent pause in the room. Yoongi continued to stare at the ceiling while Hoseok looked at the floor. “I need to talk to Jimin. See if he is okay,” Hoseok said quietly. “No you can’t,” Yoongi responded sternly, sitting up straight. “He would kill me if he knew I told you.” Hoseok let out another sigh as he brushed his hair out of his face to look at Yoongi. “Well then what do we do Yoongi?” Yoongi turned to look at Hoseok. A serious expression filled Yoongi face as he spoke. “I’m going to put this Nana chick in her place.” Hoseok looked up at Yoongi wide eyed. He looked away slightly then back at Yoongi as Yoongi held his stare on Hoseok. “I can’t think of anything else to do,” Yoongi added softly, “I can’t let some crazy bitch hurt Jimin or cause unneeded trouble in his life. He’s had it hard enough as it is.” Hoseok took in a shaky breath and stood up. “Thank you Yoongi,” he said, “We need to keep him safe. I don’t want to see him hurt again.” “I don’t either Hoseok. That’s why I’m going to try and fix this. I just need to find out how to get to this bitch.” “Seokjin.” “Kim Seokjin?” “Yeah, she’s dating Seokjin.” “What seriously?” Yoongi let out an annoyed groan. “He’s always had the worst taste in women.” Hoseok started laughing. “Do you think he knows?” Hoseok shrugged and frowned. “I’d hate to be the one to break the news to him. Maybe it would be better if you stole her number from Jimin’s phone next time you see him?” Hoseok pointed at Yoongi nodding in agreement at the alternate plan. To help lighten the mood, Yoongi started talking about other random things and suggested they work on a song together. Hoseok danced excitedly at the idea but excused himself for a quick phone call. When Hoseok returned Yoongi noticed Hoseok was smiling widely to himself. Seeing this made Yoongi smile as well.
Namjoon POV The movie was playing but Namjoon wasn’t watching it. It had been going for at least 45 minutes and the only thing running through Namjoon’s mind was how nervous he was. “Where is your restroom at again,” Namjoon asked standing up looking over at the blanket covered [Y/N]. “Down the hall, second door on the right,” she said not moving, “Want me to pause the movie?” “No it’s fine. Keep watching. I’ll be right back.” Namjoon quickly turned to the bathroom closing the door behind him, taking in a deep breath. ‘You need to calm down Namjoon,’ he thought, raising his hand to his chest feeling his heart race. He walked over to the sink and splashed water on his face. Namjoon closed his eyes and leaned over the sink as the water ran. Each breath he took was slow and steady. The sound of the running water making him feel calm. Making sure to not stay in there too long he dried his face and went back to the living room. When Namjoon walked into the living room the movie was paused and [Y/N] wasn’t there. He scanned the room looking for where [Y/N] might be. Namjoon checked the kitchen and she wasn’t there either. He decided to start walking around the house looking in opened rooms calling [Y/N]’s name as he did. After checking every room on the first floor Namjoon made his way slowly up the stairs. He walked with caution, afraid he would run into [Y/N] or startle her. Namjoon reached the top of the stairs and saw [Y/N] closing a door with one hand and wiping her eyes with her other. “[Y/N]... are you okay,” Namjoon asked worriedly. She nodded with a sniffle, “Sorry, I wanted to check something.” Namjoon walked up to her and tilted his head slightly to try and see her face. “What were you checking,” Namjoon asked. [Y/N] didn’t respond but stood in one spot staring at the floor. Slowly, Namjoon took his hand and placed it on [Y/N]’s cheek forcing her to look up at him. No tears had fallen but her eyes looked so sad. Namjoon let a small smile slip his lips because he couldn’t help but think about how cute [Y/N] was to him. Namjoon suddenly felt himself getting nervous again looking down at [Y/N]. [Y/N] grabbed at his shirt and pulled herself up to his lips, messily connecting with his. Namjoon grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back looking at her shocked and confused. “What are you doing [Y/N],” Namjoon asked with a heavy breath. [Y/N]’s eyes started to fill with tears as she tried to kiss Namjoon again. She connected their lips again and Namjoon took longer to break free from her. “Please [Y/N] don’t do this. You don’t want to do this,” Namjoon said as he tried to console [Y/N]. “I want to love you instead. Please,” [Y/N] said trying to kiss Namjoon a third time. Namjoon kept her from getting too close to his face and put her back on her heels. “No. You don’t. Not right now,” Namjoon said again feeling and looking hurt. “You’re wrong Namjoon.” “No I’m not.” “But you like me don’t you. You said you did. So let me-” “Of course I like you!” Namjoon yelled at [Y/N]. He watched as her eyes widened at his raised voice. Tears suddenly started to fall from [Y/N]’s eyes as she let out a small sob, making Namjoon feel guilty for yelling. He tightened his grip on her shoulders as he looked at her. She brought her hands up to her face to hide her tears from Namjoon. He let his voice soften before he spoke again. “I care about you so much [Y/N]. This is why I’m not letting you do this. You will regret it later.” “I won’t regret it Namjoon,” [Y/N] said ripping her hands from her face to look at Namjoon’s eyes. Namjoon looked away from her briefly. “I’m only asking for a kiss. Please,” she said again. He could feel his gaze soften at her pleads. He noticed the pooled tears in her eyes as she grabbed tightly onto his shirt. “I feel dead right now. I want you to make me feel alive. Please, just a kiss.” Namjoon let his gaze fall to his hand on her small shoulder and he loosened his grip. He looked back up at [Y/N] with soft eyes. Inching his face forward to hers, his eyes fell on her pouting lips. He stopped a moment and looked up at [Y/N]’s eyes seeing they were already closed, silent tears falling down her cheeks. [Y/N]’s breath brush against Namjoon’s skin sending electricity through him making him want nothing more than to kiss her and hold her. A small whimper left [Y/N] and Namjoon brought up his thumb to wipe her tears. Namjoon took in a deep breath and pulled back, “I’m sorry. I can-” [Y/N]’s lips crashed into his own and her arms wrapped around his neck, all strength and thought of pulling away wiped clean as he returned her kiss and tightened the embrace.
[Y/N] POV You could feel Namjoon wrap his arm around your waist pulling you in closer to him, his other hand remaining on your shoulder. Keeping your arms wrapped around his neck you pulled on him trying to bring him closer to you but you ended up stumbling backward. Namjoon caught you by balancing the two of you against the door to your bedroom. He pulled away from the kiss, breathing heavily.. You wanted more of Namjoon and you didn’t care what that meant. He was making your heart race again and it made you feel alive, not broken. Grabbing the collar of Namjoon’s shirt you pulled him into you again, making sure your kiss wasn’t sloppy. As soon as you lips connected you felt Namjoon’s breath brush your skin. He brought up one hand to support the back of your head. You could feel his heart racing against your chest as Namjoon’s hand moved up the small of your back slightly. This motion gave you a sudden burst of confidence. As Namjoon adjusted the angle your kiss you decided you wanted to deepen it further. Sliding your tongue along his bottom lip slightly he took the hint and pressed his tongue against yours. He pushed his body into you putting your back flat along the door. You could feel it’s uneven design on your back as he moved his hand from behind you to just above your hip, pulling you in. His hand supporting your head moved slightly to where his thumb rested along your jaw. One kiss turned to many and deeper each time, but it wasn’t enough. His heart was racing more and more and you wanted yours to do the same. His hand started moving up along your side slowly, making you feel eager. You wrapped one hand gently around his neck while your other hand slid down his chest. As your fingertips went down his abdomen you could feel how he was built. Your hand reached the waistband of his pants and Namjoon suddenly pulled back from you. Namjoon’s breath was panicked while his eyes were wide with worry staring at you. “Oh my god,” Namjoon said between panicked breaths. He let go of you and push his hair back with one hand staring at the floor. “Nam-” You started. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t ha-... I-I should go.” “Namjoon don’t go. I’m sorry I-” You grabbed Namjoon’s arm lightly but he pulled it away and you with it slightly. “I’m sorry. Thank you for having me over [Y/N].” Namjoon bowed and then quickly ran down the stairs. You heard him slip on his shoes and run out the door slamming it behind him. You let your body fall onto your bedroom door and slide to the floor. You pulled your knees to your chest and let your head fall back against the hard wood of the door. With a heavy sigh you pulled your knees to your chest and pushed your hair back with your hand. Your head fell to your knees and you sat in silence thinking about everything that just happened. ‘God. What did I just do? I shouldn’t have done that to Namjoon,’ you thought as tears started to fall again. This time not because of Taehyung, but because of Namjoon.
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I think she should be with Namjoon instead of Taehyung!!