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Remember a couple of months ago, SMTOWN had a concert in Tokyo (i think) and this happened. Amber greeting Baekhyun in American style (as people call it). Does he even know what it is before she did it?
Anyways hello everyone! I am back. Today was CHAOS, it has been 3 days since the first day of school. I went on my first feild trip in 8th grade today. I went to the fire station. Yeah a fire station, its because of 9/11, everyone knows what happened on September 11th 2001 but if you don't, look on the internet. The other reason why I went to the fire station is because they have a piece from the 9/11 twin towers, it was just a piece of metal or structure. Nothing big. I wish i had a pic of it but...i wasn't allowed too (idk why). Something happened today, i left all my things (my binder, my backpack, pe uniform, book, my Taehyung STEM notebook etc.) in school, its a Friday because my mom picked me up early, reason for that is because i have to babysit my sister. It was 2:09pm and we were taking role call in the bus and i saw my mom's car. i thought it wasn't her's until my teacher told me to get off the bus. I got off the bus and i saw the principal talking with my mom. I asked her 'How am i suppose to get my stuff from school?' How am i suppose to do my homework? and do y'all know what she said......she said Get it on Monday....Monday. I HAVE HOMEWORK FOR GOD'S SAKE WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO, my mom already signed me out of the school office, i can't go back into the school because everyone is gone so im screwed. UGH
if you guys read my long ass story. Thank you! That's it from me!
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omg that's just horrible I also left my biology notebook, well more like I forgot to pick it up after 5th period and I was supposed to do some notes so I was like omg what do I do now but luckily since we didn't have class on Monday and I only have biology on A days not B days which are Tuesdays and Thursdays I was saved 😂