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*Spoilers* I just finished watching the last episode of Uncontrollably Fond and I figured I would make a card about it.

Overall thoughts on the drama

This drama has made me experience more frustration than any other drama I've watched. At one point it even got so bad that I ended up skipping two episodes (16 and 17) because I was so done with all of the characters' bullshit. I know melodramas are supposed to twist your emotions and pull you back and forth, but geez. Overall, I didn't think that the drama was as bad as people were making it out to be. It didn't quite live up to the hype, but it's certainly not bad enough to be considered one of the worst dramas of 2016. The characters were flawed and and the plot didn't always go as I wanted it to, but the drama had a shred of reality that I found very refreshing. In dramas, there are many times when the lives of characters are saved by the writers, but in real life there aren't drama writers who can save a dying person's life by writing a few scenes. People get sick and die. It's simply a part of life and I thought that this drama made good use of that fact.
Honestly, even if the drama actually was as bad as people said I think that the scene between Joon Young and his mom in the final episode is the most redeeming part of this drama. My eyes are half their original size because of how much I cried during this scene. I also think that it's sort of beautiful how Joon Young passed away in his sleep. It broke my heart when he didn't answer Eul because I knew that it probably meant that he was gone, but I've always thought that dying in your sleep is the most ideal and peaceful way to die. I'm glad that after everything he'd gone through with his father, Eul, and his illness he was able to go peacefully with no regrets. Thank goodness his mother came to see him that day. If she hadn't then she would've regretted it forever.
This scene between Joon Young and Ji Tae was also pretty emotional for me. When Ji Tae told Joon Young that when they meet again (in their next lives) he would love him properly as an older brother it totally wrecked my heart.
Joon-young “What worries me the most is that the people I love might think I was unhappy. I was truly happy. I lived a warm life and couldn’t have asked for more. It could even be that knowing that my time is limited helped reveal my true feelings, and gave me courage. It may even be my final blessing. “Yesterday marked the end of the three months the doctor gave me. When you find this and watch the video, am I still alive? And my love ,Eul, how is she living now?” *cue the tears* I'm glad that Eul was able to continue living her life after Joon Young's death though.
There is really only one thing that I wasn't quite satisfied with in the final episode. The relationship between Haru and Jik. I really liked them as a couple and I would've preferred if they just got back together rather than her "If I don't meet a man as good as you, then I'll call you" bs. Overall, this episode was really good and I thought that it tied the drama together really nicely.
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This show made me cry so hard. I was so mad and upset 😭💕