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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff ....some angst(I can't promise no smut but I doubt it will show up in this story) Chapter 5 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
The Kingdom was covered by gray clouds the world outside was cold and inside was a princess abandoned as she watched the world outside through these paper-glass windows. Y/N's POV You sat in the chair getting your makeup done for the talk show. Soo-Young was talking to you but you weren't listening to her. You were scribbling in your notebook fixing character details. Jongin was Kyungsoo's advisor in the story. Chanyeol was in the story too but you hadn't created a solid character for him. You were working on Kyungsoo. You wanted him to be just right. You smiled as you thought of him, his heart shaped smile and his big eyes, the way he kissed you. It was early in the morning and normally you had to force a smile because you were tired, you were wide awake today. You were smiling big and trying your best to hide it but you couldn't. "What's up with you? This is the most I've seen you smile in the morning. Did something more happen between you and that boy?" Soo-Young asked. "Yes, he kissed me." you said all smiles. You sounded like a thirteen year old girl but in all fairness you had never had anyone interested in you. Well, there was one guy but he was mean to you. When he heard that you were the weird girl in school, he finally left you alone. You could feel yourself blushing, you were wondering how bad it was showing from behind your foundation. Soo-Young chuckled, "Was it a good kiss?" "I liked it." you smiled. Soo-Young laughed, "Well that's the important part. Now keep that sunshine face coming okay and get your butt up there." You smiled and the make up artist let you get up and you removed the napkin from your shirt you went to the entrance and waited for the cue for you to come out. You waved at everyone as you walked out on stage a smile happier than you meant to share spread across your lips. Kyungsoo and his kisses were still in your mind. You were holding your notebook in your hand forgetting to put it down when you got up. You shook hands with the host and sat down. She welcomed you to the show as well as the audience. "So recently everyone has been asking for a movie for Beyond the willow trees and two weeks ago they officially announced that it was becoming a movie. How do you feel about that?" "Beyond the willow trees was a sad book so I'm more surprised than anything that people want it to be a movie." you chuckled. "It was a very good book I read it all the way through at least twice. You always find such a magnificent way to bring these characters to life through their descriptions and their actions. Who's you're favorite character in this book?" "Jeung Seok Hyeon." "Ah, he was such a mean character Eun Jin." she said. "Yes but Seok Hyeon is a character that stirs the pot. He had some family problems so being mean was just in the nature of his character. He's more of a character you'd love to hate and that's why I like him. The things he does are unpredictable and when he acts nice it seems like it's just a part of some scheme." "Well we actually have someone here and he's a bit of a fan favorite in the world of acting a lot of people want him to play this character. Let's welcome Byun Baekhyun." You stiffened up slightly. Seok Hyeon was based off of Baekhyun. You went to highschool with him. He was the one that hit on you but he was also mean and then he treated you worse once he found out about your reputation in school. He was an amazing actor which you couldn't deny but as you remembered he wasn't that great of a person. He walked in smoothly with a smile on and you bowed your head to him as he came over, he sat next to you and his arm wrapped around the back of your chair. He sat very relaxed and looked very professional at the same time. You had no ability to push him away or ask him to move his hand you didn't even really want to look at him. Your genuine happy smile had become more of a forced one by now. "So Y/N how do you feel about the fans wanting Baekhyun to play Seok Hyeon?" "I can honestly say there's no better match than Byun Baekhyun." you said. "Oh wow, that's a huge compliment." the interviewer said. "Yeah she must like me." Baekhyun laughed. "Ooo a budding romance." she said. They laughed while you nervously chuckled along. That was clearly not true the only one you liked was Kyungsoo. The reminder of being with him for the past three days made you blush and smile. "Are you seeing someone Y/N-ah?" Baekhyun asked. You looked at him with wide eyes, the interviewer chuckled, "Baekhyun is bold, do you want to ask her out?" "I think it's a good idea to get to know the author a bit more don't you? She wrote the character, getting close to her makes sense right?" Baekhyun joked. "Y/N would you go on a date with Baekhyun?" she asked. You chuckled nervously, "If Baekhyun wants to discuss the character I'm fine with that but calling it a date night be a little much." "Aw I think she is seeing someone I missed my chance." Baekhyun feigned pain. His hand to his heart he acted like he was hurt. The interviewer moved the interview along talking to you more about the characters and the book. Its themes and the symbols you used. Baekhyun seemed to pay close attention to every word you spoke and he seemed a little more heart felt in his responses when he spoke to the interviewer. When the talk show was finally over, he followed you off the stage. He noticed the notebook in your hand and grabbed it while you were distracted. He looked through it, "Writing about your boyfriend?" he teased. "Baekhyun to the world you're a dream boat but to the rest of us you're an ass. Give Y/N her book back." Soo-Young said. "What she can't speak for herself? I'll give it back, just ask for it Y/N." Baekhyun said with a teasing smile. "Baekhyun I need it back please hand it over." you said. "Cute, you're still just a little puppy. Is your brother here to pick you up? Maybe he can hold your hand." he said. He held your notebook over your head for you to reach for it. The kitten like smile he had on was deceiving as hell. You looked up and went to reach for it when he raised it higher. "You've got to jump for it." he laughed. "Damn it Baekhyun enough with the games give her the damn book back." Soo-Young snapped at him. He looked at her with a kitten smile, and chuckled, "I'll give it back after I get what I want. Y/N have dinner with me later. We both know the studio is going to make me your favorite character anyway so I want to get to know more about Seok Hyeon." He smiled. "I'm not sure that's a good idea, now Baekhyun can I please have the book back?" You asked. Your voice was almost a whisper, his technique for flirting was wild. Was he really going to force you into accepting a date? You had a bit of an idea though, "Baekhyun, fine I'll have dinner with you but please just give me the book back." you said. He reached for your hand and lifted it up slightly so he could gently press the book in your palm. He smiled, "See that's all I wanted. Your number is still the same from highschool right?" "Yes." you said hugging the book. "Good I'll call you." he said He walked away casually as if nothing happened. You looked down at your book, you wondered if he made it to the page where Kyungsoo's name was. Baekhyun was smart, you could tell by his tone he knew Seok Hyeon was basically him. You wrote a scene in Beyond the willow trees that paralleled what happened between you and him in highschool. This book had all the notes of Seok Hyeon's character on it. A character you loved to hate. You wished you would've known he was coming on the show before you said that. Soo-Young didn't tell you that and neither did Namjoon. Soo-Young scoffed, "What a jackass? If he doesn't get what he wants he forces people to give it to him. Definitely a diva if I ever saw one. Hey did you two really go to school together?" she asked you. "Mmh. Yeah we had one class together he talked to me for a little bit but I was the school freak so it didn't last long." You said. You walked past her and towards Soojung who was waiting to escort you to the car. Soo-Young didn't know much about your highschool life. She didn't know much about anything except for how well you wrote and your habit of staying up late to write. She knew you hated loud noises, like the sound of a popping balloon or glass breaking. Chanyeol had been with you both times when you were heading into a panic attack. He pulled you away from everyone until he calmed you down. You had no idea how many times he had saved you from embarrassing yourself. You were thankful for Kyungsoo too he didn't think you were a freak he understood because his mother went through the same thing. Throughout the past two weeks you two hand been hanging out with each other you didn't ask about her panic attacks and he didn't question you about yours. You felt like he wouldn't really share that with you yet and you were partly in the same boat. You liked Kyungsoo though. You were headed back to your penthouse when you saw him walking alone down the street. "Soojung pull over please!" you said excited. Soo-Young asked what was going on and you simply said, "I see him." You hopped out of the car and called after him. "Oppa!" You really did become a different person when it came to him. Kyungsoo turned, probably recognizing your voice and he gave you a soft smile when his eyes met yours. He stopped walking in the opposite direction and stood where he was as you made your way up to him. "Hi Y/N." he said patting your head. You smiled brightly, your nose scrunching up a little like a rabbit. That was the reason Chanyeol called you bugs. "Please tell me you're not doing anything later on." you said. "I'm not, why?" "Can you please come to dinner with me. There's this guy that's probably going to play one of my characters for Beyond the willow trees and I don't want to be left alone with him." Kyungsoo smiled gently and pressed his forehead to yours, "Sure." You giggled, he pecked your lips and looked down slightly embarrassed like he couldn't believe he did it. You smiled even more. Soo-Young poked her head out of the car door and said, "Y/N are you coming or not!" "Uh," you turned back to Kyungsoo. "Do you want a ride?" you asked him. "I'd rather walk today actually." "Can I walk with you? Am I asking too much from you, I'm sorry! I really like you so I'm not sure how to behave." you chuckled at yourself. His hand came back up to your head to pet it and he said, "I'd love it if you walked with me." You smiled and turned around, "Soo-Young I'm going to walk tell Soojung I'll call him later." you called back. "Alright, hey you behave yourself young man." she said to Kyungsoo. He laughed and bowed politely, "Will do." You watched the car pull off and then felt Kyungsoo's hand slip around yours. You smiled at him holding your hand. You two walked in silence for a little while with you just blushing away. You were flustered, one would think two weeks into seeing him you'd be used to him touching you or giving you a kiss but he made your heart flutter in the best way. He made you bolder and you didn't even mean to. He made you happy just by him smiling at you. He was like a puzzle piece that connected all too well with you. Kyungsoo stopped in front of a book store and looked inside. There was a man in there that he waved at. You waved at him as well and he smiled bigger and waved you two in the store. Kyungsoo looked at you and asked, "Do mind going in for a second?" "No I'd love to." you said. You two walked in hand and hand and he brought you up to the front counter. "Annyeong Mr.Kim." Kyungsoo said. "Lovely day isn't it Kyungsoo and you're even out for a walk with Ms. Y/N." he said. "Yes, we've been meeting up a lot lately." Kyungsoo said scratching the back of his head nervously. You smiled at Mr. Kim and said hi. "Oh Ms.Y/N would it be too much trouble if I asked for your autograph?" "Not at all." You signed a book he handed to you and he thanked you. You noticed how Kyungsoo's hand had casually slipped to your waist making you blush intensely. He had a blank face on as if he weren't thinking at all. His eyes were locked on a small animal toy with big eyes. He reached out and grabbed it and held it in his hand. You took the opportunity to move closer and his hand on your waist wrapped around you more to keep its hold on you. "It has eyes like you." you giggled. His eyes got bigger and he smiled making you laugh more. Mr.Kim chuckled, "You two are cute together. Looks like Kyungsoo got his wish." Kyungsoo looked up at him with wide eyes. You looked from Kyungsoo to Mr.Kim and asked, "What was that?" "He wanted to meet you so he could see you smile for real." Mr.Kim said. You looked to Kyungsoo who was embarrassed, blushing and looking away from you. His hand on your waist faltered a little and you put your hand on it to keep it steady. You snaked your arm around him so you could come closer and you bent down to look at his face. "That means I got my wish too, I met someone worth smiling for." You said. He gave you a soft smile but it was obvious he was still embarrassed. You kissed his cheek not really confident to initiate much else. He was satisfied with the action though. His grip tightened so he was holding you firmly now instead of making you feel like he was going to let you go. After talking a little more with Mr.Kim, Kyungsoo and you walked to a small park and sat down in the grass. There was a book he picked up from Mr.Kim, it wasn't one that you had written and he offered to read it to you. He sat up, leaned against a tree and you laid your head on his lap as he read to you. His voice was soothing and you closed your eyes to imagine the world that was being described to you. After reading about two and a half chapters, he hummed a song as he leaned his head against the tree and closed his eyes. You looked up at him, "What song is that? It's beautiful." you said. "It's a lullaby my mom used to sing to me." he said. "She sang to you?" He nodded, you couldn't remember if your mother sang to you. You pushed her out of your memory as much as you could. His eyes opened and he looked at the sky like he was lost in the clouds. "She had this amazing voice, everytime she sang it was like an angel was singing me to sleep." "Your voices must be similar then. That's how I feel when you sing." He cracked a half smile more sadness then happiness laid within it. You sat up to look him in the eye. You wanted to tell him about your mom but you could already feel yourself losing that battle. You stood up taking a deep breath, "It's about time we get ready for dinner. I'll call Soojung to pick us up." He placed his book back in his book bag and stood up. "I should go change first." he said. "I'll have Soojung drop you off." He nodded. "Kyungsoo." You hesitated for a second. "I really like you." He smiled and placed his hand on top of your head and pressed his forehead to yours. "I like you too, I like you a lot Y/N." he said. You hugged him because it seemed like the right thing to do. Maybe you were right in your assessment when you two first met, perhaps you two shared the same pain. Perhaps in different ways but still similar enough. This Princess was lost and alone until a Prince had arrived. He was beautiful and manly as if his touch alone could free her soul. Behind those large eyes laid a heart she longed to see but this fragile glass kept her from learning what lies beneath. You headed back to the penthouse after Soojung dropped off Kyungsoo. You were going to come back around to meet him; Baekhyun had already texted you where to meet him because you refused to let him drive you. He was still unaware of the fact that Kyungsoo was joining you two. Baekhyun was right, you were a scared little puppy but you couldn't really help it. One day you'd be brave enough to stand up for yourself but today wasn't it. You headed in the penthouse once again opening it to Chanyeol looking upset and the man that was with your parents two weeks ago was back. "Y/N go to your room for a second." Chanyeol said. "Chanyeol who is this man?" you asked. "I'm your-" "Don't you dare finish that fucking sentence." Chanyeol snapped at him. You looked at Chanyeol confused and frankly scared. You'd never seen him that mean before. "Y/N go upstairs, now." Chanyeol said. "Can you at least tell me what's going on?" you asked. "I'm not going to stop coming back Chanyeol." the man said. You looked at him a little nervous, "Did you get yourself into something bad?" you asked him in a whisper. "I'm your father Y/N." the man said You looked at him with confusion then slightly laughed, "What?" "I'm your-" "Shut the hell up Seokjin!" Chanyeol said. You looked at Chanyeol and he looked at you. He stepped up to you to lead you upstairs but you escaped his grasp. Your eyes went back to Seokjin the man that claimed to be your father. "You need to go." Chanyeol said to him. You stared at him and Seokjin stared back at you, "You look like your mother." he smiled. "Get the hell out!" Chanyeol snapped again. You started pacing, your breath already almost gone. You were confused, you were upset. Who was this guy? Sure he said he was your father but you didn't know him and he compared you to your mother. The sounds of a screeching car came back into your head. A seen of blood and mayhem came into vision. Your mother's disfigured face and you in the back seat. You were crying now and completely out of breath. Chanyeol hadn't noticed because he was arguing with Seokjin. The confusion, loss of breath and your tears made everything harder to see, hear and breathe. You vaguely heard Chanyeol say, "Shit. Y/N you need to brea-" You dropped to the floor and everything went black before you could hear him finish.... Princess Yeong In's world was only behind these walls and as she reached out for the world outside these paper-glass windows... the glass cracked. Too fragile to touch or be moved, one simple trigger could break everything......How could she ever reach her Prince?
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