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-Karaoke Night- I went to visit my Oppa and his friends today then it starts to rain so I decided to stay the night. Hakyeon decided on karaoke and set it up in Hyukkie room. We hooked one of our phones to the tv and me and Hyuk decided to go first. I picked Taeyeon I that way he has a part to. We sang and everyone's mouths drop and after we we're done we get a huge round of applause. Y/N your singing voice is very beautiful. "Thanks everyone". The others start singing confession song by Got7 and pushes me into Hyukkie making us fall on the bed. I look at the boy I was now on top of and blush hard. "Oppa.... -Confession song in background- Hey Y/N come sing again. O..okay". I get up and pick Apink Mr. chu and sung wonderfully making glances at Hyuk Oppa every now and then. After the last note I lay down and watch the boys rock out they looked so happy I've begun to stare. Y/N...? "Yes Oppa". You okay? Yeah just admiring you all relationship". Yeah we're close like family. "I'm happy and I had lots of fun thanks for this". Me to I'm glad your happy that's all I ask for is to see you smile. I kiss him gently and long as we continue our karaoke night. Sorry if its boring I'm really tired alright I'm gonna go take a nap. @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding @evieevelyn @UKissMeKevin @TheEnlightenment @ChaErica @KpopandKimchi @Defy24601 @twistedpuppy @taetaebaozi @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @nnatalieg @Atomshair @ButterflyBlun@emilyanpham14 @EmmyMeowy @KokoroNoTakara @Zyxzy @Sunnawalo @xionheart @glo86 @kmeir230 @sosoaloraine23 @herreravanessa8 @TracyLynn @Starbell808 @Jiyongixoxo @sherrysahar @MorganElisabeth @Sehunarmy @Sharia @SugaOnTop @thePinkPrincess @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @staceyneroland @ashleykpop @lupemontserrat @otakukpopgitl @BtsIsLife @StephanieDuong @haniarocioo @VeePrudent @MyaIsNotSexy @Taehyungie @gtfoiris @kpopulair @baileykayleen @XergaB20 @sugajin94 @katiems @Rhia @tayunnie @Nadinerzz @MadAndrea @wooziswifeu @wereWoolf @deokmanz @MindyLee3 @panouvang123 @88kpoplove @ReynaWithLove @Kyokeo @Katherikookie @ChelseaJay @GauhuaYang @linzi0302 @xsandos17 @KaiTakashima @destiny1419 @ARMYStarlight @moonchild03 @APinchOfSuga @B1A4BTS5ever @kpop14young @AgentLeo @SugaOnTop @poojas @Baekyeol27 @sugakookie @tinaechle @Roxy1903 @Kpoplover20 @terenailyn @jenjenkhreim @KellyOConnor @DetkaN @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @GauhuaYang @tayunnie @EXOAsf @amobigbang @luna1171 @OsoaVIPunnie @Tigerlily84 @PassTheSuga @PrettieeEmm @Exoexo @NancyVongvilay @unnieARMkeY @SimplyAwkward @SugaMint @BrennaHarding
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it was short but cute any way ☺