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EXO ships
I have each and every single ship possible for the EXO members. Now let's look at what I have.
EXO ships Xiumin-Luhan (XiuHan) (Lumin) Xiumin-Kris (Xiuris) Xiumin-Suho (XiuHo) (Sumin) Xiumin-Lay (XiuLay) (Laymin) Xiumin-Baekhyun (XiuHyun) (XiuBaek) (Baekmin) Xiumin-Chen (XiuChen) Xiumin-Chanyeol (XiuYeol) (Yeolmin) Xiumin-Kyungsoo (XiuDo) (XiuKyung) (Kyungmin) Xiumin-ZiTao (XiuTao) (Taomin) Xiumin-Kai (XiuKai) (Kaimin) Xiumin-Sehun (XiuHun) Luhan-Kris (Luris) (Hanris) Luhan-Suho (LuHo) (HanHo) Luhan-Lay (LuLay) (LayHan) Luhan-Baekhyun (LuHyun) (BaekHan) Luhan-Chen (LuChen) (ChenHan) (HanDae) Luhan-Chanyeol (LuYeol) (LuChan) (YeolHan) Luhan-Kyungsoo (LuDo) (KyungHan) (HanSoo) (LuKyung) Luhan-ZiTao (LuTao) (TaoHan) Luhan-Kai (LuKai) (KaiHan) Luhan-Sehun (LuHun) (HunHan) (SeHan) Kris-Suho (Suris) (Horis) Kris-Lay (Layris) Kris-Baekhyun (Hyunris) (Baekris) Kris-Chen (Chenris) Kris-Chanyeol (Yeolris) Kris-Kyungsoo (Doris) (Kyungris) (Sooris) Kris-ZiTao (Taoris) Kris-Kai (Kairis) Kris-Sehun (Seris) (Hunris) Suho-Lay (SuLay) (LayHo) Suho-Baekhyun (BaekSu) (BaekHo) (HyunSu) Suho-Chen (SuChen) (ChenHo) Suho-Chanyeol (SuChan) (SuYeol) (ChanHo) (YeolHo) Suho-Kyungsoo (KyungHo) Suho-ZiTao (SuTao) (TaoHo) Suho-Kai (SuKai) (KaiHo) Suho-Sehun (Seho) Lay-Baekhyun (BaekLay) Lay-Chen (ChenLay) Lay-Chanyeol (ChanLay) Lay-Kyungsoo (LaySoo) Lay-ZiTao (LayTao) Lay-Kai (LayKai) (KaiLay) Lay-Sehun (LayHun) Baekhyun-Chen (ChenBaek) (ChenHyun) Baekhyun-Chanyeol (Baekyeol) Baekhyun-Kyungsoo (KyungBaek) Baekhyun-ZiTao (BaekTao) (TaoBaek) Baekhyun-Kai (KaiBaek) Baekhyun-Sehun (SeBaek) Chen-Chanyeol (Chenyeol) (ChenChan) Chen-Kyungsoo (ChenKyung) (ChenSoo) Chen-ZiTao (ChenTao) (TaoChen) Chen-Kai (ChenKai) (KaiChen) Chen-Sehun (ChenHun) Chanyeol-Kyungsoo (ChanKyung) (ChanSoo) (KyungYeol) (YeolSoo) Chanyeol-ZiTao (Taoyeol) (TaoChan) (ChanTao) Chanyeol-Kai (KaiChan) (KaiYeol) (ChanKai) (YeolKai) Chanyeol-Sehun (ChanHun) Kyungsoo-ZiTao (KyungTao) (TaoKyung) (SooTao) (TaoSoo) Kyungsoo-Kai (Kaisoo) Kyungsoo-Sehun (KyungHun) ZiTao-Kai (KaiTao) (TaoKai) ZiTao-Sehun (TaoHun) (SeTao) (HunTao) Kai-Sehun (SeKai) (KaiHun)
And here are the pics
What is your favorite ship?
omg applause for the effort
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Thank you, Thank you!
a year ago
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why yes, yes it does!
a year ago
unless possibilities馃榾
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meant endless possibilities 馃榾
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Oh believe me, I know!
a year ago
Wow!!! So many ships!! This must've taken forever to make!!!!!
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It did! I was going to post my own chart of EXO ships, but it was too large! I have to reduce the size of the text!
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