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So I've been a little behind because school just started but it occurred to me after watching Rap Monster's Reflection teaser that everything so far seems to be involve all past theories (duh no shit) but here is my ultimately my theory:
Everything in the teasers for Wings is the result of the boys turning back time during Fire in order to save Jin. This is their punishment for messing with time. I originally thought that maybe Jin was in a coma and I still think that that still might be a possibility of it even with what I'm currently thinking but for the sake of the theory we'll say Jin died and the boys magically turned back time with Jungkook's flaming bike.

#1 Begin

Jungkook is alone. All the boys are pretty much but he's not with Suga which explains what happens to Suga in teaser #4. There's more to it than just Jungkook being alone of course but for now I'm leaving it at that. Instead of being paired with Suga, Jungkook is now paired with Rap Monster. Jungkook is relying on Rap Monster now because of what happens to Suga in teaser #3 (Sorry I haven't really worked out much in this Teaser besides the fact that it could be related to the Picture of Dorian Grey)

#2 Lie

In Jimin's teaser he is also alone. Before he was with J-hope and they had bonded over being depressed together but now there is just an empty bed with no one next to him. He is falling deeper into depression alone and instead of at least sharing it with one person he's lying to everyone (the camera) with a smile though sometimes he does slip. He's poisoned by his depression (the apple?). He's drowning in himself and eventually he attempts to drown himself for real and then wakes up in the hospital bed alone. Still missing something but that's the gist.

#3 Stigma

Taehyung is scratching at the graffiti of a man represents what he has done to his father and he is arrested and questioned. He is nervous and scratches at the table. He beats himself up when asked about his parents and then says he has none. The puppy I believe is the sister being vulnerable and clinging to Tae. but once the cage starts to come down he's desperately trying to protect the puppy (his sister). Eventually the puppy leaves him alone as he begs for forgiveness and punishment for his crime. Going to the timeline it seems that Tae killed his father after Jin's accident. I think that either the boys reversed time just to after the accident so that Jin could still be saved while in a coma or whatever, actually died, or Tae killing his father in order to protect his sister was always going to happen. Jin or no Jin. He asks for a phone call but earlier it's seen that the phone booth is empty and locked. A phone booth that Rap Monster had once been in. The symbol representing Tae is currently solitary where as the others are combined so far.

#4 First Love

With Jin being alive now. Suga has only lost the girl to Jin and not both. Suga is wandering around alone now and breaks into a music store (?) and plays the piano before wandering outside after hearing the whistles that plays at the beginning of Jungkook's teaser. Jungkook yells "Hyung!" at the end of BEGIN and that's when Suga gets hit by the car. Somewhere in the video the tub Jimin attempts to drown himself in is shown and Suga is still wandering around after the accident even when there seems to be blood splatter on the ground and he walks past a police car crashed into the music store and the piano is destroyed by a fire (really more fire Suga? Anyways...) Suga hears the whistle again and wanders off to find. Jungkook couldn't protect Suga this time (maybe from himself idk I haven't fleshed out everything. it's all a basic analysis) and he is no longer with Jungkook. I think that Suga is now the one stuck in a coma so he's wandering around from the point right before he was hit. He is now in the same hospital as Jimin is for his mental illness. Jimin and Suga are now connected.

#5 Reflection

In Rap Monster teaser (I've only watched it twice so far so there isn't much I can say and I haven't read any other theories yet) he is tattoo himself (like in Danger) with a bird which represents Jungkook. Jungkook and Rapmon are now connected. Jungkook is using Rapmon for support now that Suga is in the hospital probably in critical condition. The new strong connection means the fading of a another. Rapmon hears the phone ring and runs to the phone booth seen in Taehyung's teaser and a previous BTS video. It's closed and locked so Rapmon cannot get to Taehyung who is in need of his help. The phone booth has the word "Liar" written on it. I assume that it is related to some promise like 'I'll always be there when you need me' that Rap Monster most likely made with Tae. like most friends do or have done. Rapmon is not there when Tae needs him making him a Liar. Now at this point I kinda have nothing more because this was when the idea that everything happening was a consequence of the boys turning back time and none of these bad things would be happening if the boys DIDN'T MESS WITH FREAKING TIME AND JUST ACCEPT THAT JIN WAS GONE. I basically screamed in frustration and threw a pillow. Maybe flopped around like a fish. Ya know, the usual when you stan BTS.
Now the coma theory still applies as well as depending on if you want to believe that Jungkook's bike was successful in turning back time () Remember in Fire when Jimin had seen a burning crashing plane. Whoops. It was foreshadowing the amazing train wreck (or plane crash) that is and will be the Wings album. Then Jungkook shirt saying 'This is never that' in Save Me, basically BigHit laughing at us after thinking that Jin was fine and all the boys were back together. Happy ending for everyone. Not.
Part of me is done with BigHit and the other part of me love it.
I haven't fully looked at all the videos. This is just going off of seeing them a handful of times. I'll finish up the theory when all the teasers are finished but it probably still won't be as fleshed out as I'd like since I'd like to pass my senior year.

This Is Never That...

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I think they all killed themselves and they are being punished by being forced to be alone in the afterlife with reminders of the people they love
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I found a post on vingle a out this psychiatrist talking about how she read the Damien book and she compared it to the films and she came up with how all 7 bts boys are one person and that 6 of them are jin's alter egos...which makes sense since at the end the circle (jin's circle) splits into 4 smaller circles
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Yeah I saw that too so I guess there's no reason for another theory since that one makes the most since but it's still fun to come up with them.
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