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(Taeyang POV)

"Hey hyung, did you hear? YG's God Children are coming to visit our company?" Seung-Hoon came into our recording studio to drop some gossip. "YG Hyung-min The little one's I can't wait to see them. Sean's kids are so much fun to have around."
Seung-Hoon shook his head, getting my full attention. "Its not them... These godchildren are from the States. Though they go by chinese names." I raised an eyebrow, as Jinwoo came running into the room. "Seung-hoon-ah! They're here!"
The both of them ran out of the room, so fast, they looked like blurr. I simply raised an eyebrow, as I looked over at Kush. "Okay, now I'm curious, because the only godchildren of his that I know of are Sean's." Kush spoke, before getting up to go look himself.
I saved what we were working on, before getting up to join them. I went to the lounge, to see our girls from black pink surrounding a young man, with blonde hair, tan skin and brown eyes. He was fairly build and seem to be acting lay back cool around the girls.
There was another person sitting on the arm of the lounging couch, with her arms crossed. She had braided purple hair fair tan skin, and beautiful brown eyes. She was in black shorts, white t-shirt, with a black vest, and limited edition all black Addias.
She was swing her leg as the young man was charming our new girl group. Mino went up the young lady, and offer his hand to her. "Hi, I am Song Mino?" She looked him over from head to toe, before taking his hand into her own. "Xin Qian, nice to meet you."
Mino had attempted to greet her in English, but like the young man, it seem to was fluent, in Korean. "That's a beautiful name, but is it you're legal name?" She shook her head, as I made my way closer to her.
Seungri though grabbed my arm, as his way of trying to hold back himself. "My birth name is Isabella, Xin Qian is the name my godfather gave me. Just like my baby brother. His godfather YG gave him his Mandarin name, Tai. Which lucky is a short version of his American name, Tyler."
She was so very warm as she spoke. "My lord, she so beautiful." I raised an eyebrow, as I looked at Seungri. He was always weak for a pretty girl. "Isabella, are you a fan of Bigbang's?" I asked in English, getting her full attention.
The moment we made eye contact, my heart dropped. It was as if something from the heavens above, was telling me she was my personal angel. Even her bright smile, made me want to call her Taeyang. "Of course, I love you're group. Big supporter of all the artists here." She answered in Korean, as she gave me an eye smile.
I clear my through, as I try my best to snap out of the trance, she had me under. "Oh, so who's you're favorite in BigBang than?" She blinked, before looking over at Seungri, and holding out her hand towards him.
"Panda oppa, of course. I see so much of myself in him." He smirked as he try to act cool. "Though I want to slap that ego in check for him." Everyone laughed, as Seungri pouted. "Sorry, but you make me want to kill you're ego every time you try to act cool. I like you when you're being your adorable goofy self."
Seungri accepted the compliment, with a gentle smile. "Who's your second favorite?" Seungri asked, as his cocky side started to show up. "Of course Daesung, I love a funny guy that makes you feel so comfortable to be with them."
Daesung came out of no where and sat beside her. "I'm all you're than." She gave Daesung a peck on the cheek, making him blush and looked surprise. "I might just take you up on that, Daesung oppa." He grinned as he held her close to him with one arm.
She smiled lightly at him, as she welcomely allow him to hold her close. "At least its not Jiyong hyung." Seungri spoke, earning a punch from Jiyong. Making me laugh at their tom and jerry behavior.
"Well I see you two have met the amazing talent from my company." Her brother Tai, smiled with a hit of arrogance, as She got up to greet YG hyung. "Though you're daeja(godson) seems to be trying to make Black Pink into his group of girlfriends."
I covered my mouth, to make sure I didn't laugh at her comment. It seem they were a set of tom and jerry themselves. She seem more like Jiyong though, than Seungri. "You're just hating, cause they like me not you." She grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.
"Ego checked, show some respect in front of your Daebu, mister." She smiled playfully at her little brother. She was so cute, I actually had this urge to want to hug her. I just met her today and already she had me trapped in her charm. Yet the way she talked, made me wonder if YG hyung was both their godfather, or just Tai's?
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