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Finally after who knows how long of waiting to get this, I finally got my cohort tattoo!

those who know me know I absolutely love the cohort/hilite fam more than anything in this world. I've been supporting them forever , I've personally talked to a few of them and they are just amazing people. yes I know some people have certain views on cohort members (talent, attitude, etc.) but honestly they are family to me and have the biggest hearts ever! when I listen to certain musicians I don't look at talent alone I try to get to know who the person is etc. and with this family we just click , especially two of my favorite humans B (if you know me you already know how much I love him)& jay we just get each other and there's no true way to explain but this long paragraph is over and I'm super happy about this! this now marks tattoo number 10....thought it was 8 but totally forgot about a few tattoos lol