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I really like black and white with a hint of color, especially eyes here are some of the ones I've had for a bit but still enjoy ^·^ hope you enjoy them too
I know some of the Undertaker's are not b&w but close enough, I just can't help it haha. I love him
Since Halloween is right around the corner, here is a little spooky treat ^·^
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Do you know who drew the last pic in the third set? I bought a phone case with her on it like 5 years ago and I'm obsessed with it. I've seriously been looking for another one ever since, as my phone upgraded lol
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Who's the anime character on the first set picture 1??
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@ManduBum I'm pretty sure that is Kagamine Rin.
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@Taylor18920 Kuroko Tetsuya from kuroko no Basuke.
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These are really cool!!!!!! I love these, especially the first picture of this card. The hair and eyes were the right amount of color, though it's sad that he's crying it adds emotion while keeping it simplistic.
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