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안녕하세요 친구!

Quickly: just wanted to say thank you for being patience with me; still struggling but lifeu goes on no? Anywho....omg my feels!!!!! It's already been 1 full year that my adopted babies Seventeen released one of their hits: Mansae! (만세)


I just can not stress my happiness at this moment...omo I swears I'm happy at least these few minutes. So let's just soak it all in shall we?
Watch their MV with me... :D again.
Anddddddd just in case you want to like read along or even if you're new and want to know the beautiful the color coded version with me.....again. >_<
Lastly but not least.....enjoy these great gifs of their ending pose for Mansae.
Where's Dino & Vernon? lol
Poor Wonwoo looks so tired in this one.
The8's hair is just beautiful.
That winkeu by Mingyu...lawd.
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Wow! A year already? That's amazing.