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Who: Reader x Kim Jongdae What: Smut, Smut, Smut, Angst, dramatic af

Warning: intended for mature audience only (18+) viewer discretion is advised.

Chapter 1 Story: Ah boyfriend troubles, he's sleeping with his secretary so you sleep with his best friend. Because life's more delicious behind deceit and lies, right...
Y/N's POV He slammed your back against the bathroom wall. Your pants already off and tossed aside, the sight of him down on his knees and his mouth viciously kissing your clit made you grip his hair and let out a moan. He quickly shot up and covered your mouth. "Shut up babe or he'll hear you." "When you're fucking doing that with your mouth what am I supposed to do?" you whispered angry. "Do you want him to find out about us?" he said. You shook your head, "Then shut up and behave for me princess." You nodded and he kissed you hard, his tongue battling with yours and beating you for dominance without a problem. He went back down to his knees and he forced your hips out so your womanhood was in his face. He licked his lips before he flattened his tongue out and licked you up slowly. His tongue traced circles around your clit moving slower and in less of a hurry. That was driving you crazy too. You gripped his hair and whispered, "Jongdae faster." He listened to you as you rolled your hips, riding his face; he licked your faster, sucked your clit harder and bit at your thighs. You let out a moan that sounded like a squeal. Jongdae looked up, "Shut up Y/N." "Hurry and make me cum I didn't tease you this much." you said upset. "Would you rather I stop right here princess?" he smiled. "You wouldn't." you said upset. He smiled and you suddenly heard the shuffle of feet. The next thing was a knock on the door. "Baby what's going on?" Shit. You looked at Jongdae who gave you a big sunshine smile. His mouth went back to attacking your clit with the same determination that he had started with. You gripped his hair to pull his head away but he pushed himself deeper into your folds, his tongue penetrating your heat. You opened your mouth in a silent scream. "Y/N are you okay?" your boyfriend called. "Yes Minseok." you said quickly. Talking too much was dangerous. Minseok may look soft sometimes but he had a temper when it came to you. He would not like it if he found out Jongdae was eating you out right now. When you two first met, you were his secretary but you couldn't have a relationship. In office affairs were forbidden, that didn't stop him from flirting with you though. You remember how he used to whisper in your ear when you were in the break room alone about how well he could make love to you. His hands would tease the bottom of your skirt, he'd press himself against your butt, he'd trail his tongue up your neck and then whisper dirty things in your ear till you were practically soaking wet. You would have to push him away and force yourself to get a grip. You went out to the club with your friends Yixing and Junmyeon. Minseok showed up with Jongdae, which is how you two first met, and Baekhyun. Minseok saw you dancing with Junmyeon and he got so upset he forced Junmyeon away from you and scooped you up in his arms and kissed you right in front of everyone. It was two weeks after that, you quit your job and went to Lu Han's company. Since then, for the past three years, you two had been dating. You didn't know what changed between you two. You didn't know why he suddenly found his secretary, who incidentally was Jongdae's girlfriend, more attractive than you. Jongdae told you they were sleeping together and you didn't believe him. Minseok was your boyfriend, your sexy Minnie. Minseok had called you his baby girl. You were his. He apparently wanted more. You heard her in his office moaning his name, you could hear the familiar grunts leave his throat and all you wanted to do was push them both out the window. You ended up going back to Jongdae and you two talked about what you should do and how you would approach them about their cheating. However, five shots later both of you were bumping uglys and begging for the other to cum. You both knew you didn't really want to leave the people you were with. No matter how shity they were you loved them. If you two could create enough distance between your partners to the point that it wouldn't hurt to say goodbye to them that's when you would end it. At this point the idea of sleeping around behind their back and almost getting caught was thrilling. So thrilling that you caught sight of Jongdae stroking himself as he ate you out while Minseok was standing outside the bathroom door. Other men weren't allowed to touch you, he'd give you a pass when it came to company parties but no other time. Jongdae couldn't hug you, Baekhyun couldn't sit next to you. Minseok took possessive to another level but you loved it and you loved him. When he called you baby girl, you were like putty in his hands. When Jongdae called you princess, it was almost the same affect. Just the idea of Minseok getting upset and taking over where Jongdae left off had you getting hotter. You were moving your hips faster against his mouth and he was kissing you below like his life depended on it. He knew how to work his tongue, "Baby girl open the door." Minseok said. Of course he'd call you that right now. The strangest thing about Minseok is that things never changed with him. There was no sign you saw that he was cheating. When he was with you, his eyes and hands were only on you. Jongdae's girlfriend, Hae Sin Hye, had more obvious signs of cheating than he did. Sin Hye looked at you with disgust, she only really got on top of Jongdae if Minseok showed you attention. Minseok basically called her a whore once in front of everyone which actually made you laugh. She was furious at Minseok for saying that, at Jongdae for not defending her and at you for laughing at it. Jongdae said they had amazing sex that night though so it wasn't a complete loss for him. Minseok didn't neglect you, he made all your regular dates. A few times he said he was staying at work late but from what you calculated Sin Hye had been with Jongdae on most of those nights. Had you not visited him that one day you would've continued to believe that he was faithful to you. You still had no idea what you did to make him cheat. Was it even you? Was it just convenient to screw his secretary? Since she was Jongdae's girlfriend you didn't complain that he had a female secretary but it seemed that even his beat friend's girlfriend wasn't off limits. That's probably why Jongdae was having so much fun eating you out. He was getting off on your riding his face while Minseok was outside the door. Revenge is sweet. You had to control your voice, not just so you didn't moan but so that you didn't sound like you were having sex of any kind. Minseok knew your voice and every sound you made. He knew what each sound meant and he knew how to make you make all those sounds. He would pick it up in your voice right away that you were hot and bothered. "Baby girl open the damn door so I can help you get off." Hm, kind of like that. "Minseok don't say such things." you said. "I can hear it in your voice baby. You need me inside you." "Shit." you said. Looked down at Jongdae who shook his head. You were cursing at Jongdae but it didn't seem much out of context to Minseok. "Come on baby girl, let me come in there. I can make you cum." he said. "Minseok stop it we're in someone else's house." you said. He chuckled, "You can say that when your doing such dirty things in his bathroom? What made you so hot baby girl? You don't want me to come in there and make sweet love to you?" "Damn it." you said frustrated. His words still worked on you, he knew exactly what to say for you to only want him. You pushed Jongdae up off of you and he stuffed himself back into his underwear. You were going to keep Minseok's eyes on you while Jongdae slipped out of the bathroom door behind him. He zipped up his pants and looked at you like he was going to make you pay when you two were really alone. You didn't know who you were more excited for in all honesty. You slipped your underwear and pants back on but didn't bother to button them up. You let your fingers roam around your folds and get soaked in your wetness that Jongdae had caused so it seemed like you had been pleasuring yourself. You nodded to Jongdae and then opened the door. Minseok smiled at the sight of you. You were breathing heavy and he walked in with his eyes glued to you. The smirk on his face was hungry, he licked his lips and then he brought his hands up to your waist. He pulled you close quickly snapping his hips into yours, making you moan slightly. Jongdae hadn't moved yet, he was watching you two with almost a predator like look. "Baby girl who were you thinking about?" he said. "You know who baby- Baekhyun." you teased. He tightened his grip on your hips and he came close to your ear. A clear threat in your ear, "You want to say that again baby girl?" "Sorry I meant Jongdae, I was wondering how it would feel with his tongue licking me all over." His grip tightened even more, his nails biting at your skin satisfying you. You knew what came next: punishment. If anything got you off it was Minseok's punishment. Angry Minseok was your favorite, he was hot and passionate. Those certain nights when he wanted to treat you sweet and move slow and crawl over your body and torture you by getting you close to your climax then stopping only so he could hear you cry for him, beg for him, those were the nights that you appreciated most because they were rare but you much preferred his rough side. He gave you what you wanted and he knew what he was doing, he knew what you were doing now. Playing on his jealousy just to get him a little upset. You had gotten Jongdae off earlier that day at work because he was frustrated. You saw Sin Hye in Minseok's car earlier and she kissed him. They obviously didn't know you saw them but that had pissed you off enough that when you two came over to visit the boys you asked Jongdae to return the favor. Jongdae was amazing too. His sweet face made you think he was soft and gentle, an adorable cutie that just wanted to treat you sweetly. That Sunshine smile was deceiving as fuck because he was just as rough as Minseok and god you loved it. Despite being upset at Minseok for kissing Sin Hye, whenever he spoke to you like that you just gave into him. He had power over you and Jongdae consistently told you to stop letting yourself fall for it. Your mind rationalized that at the end of the day he was still coming back home to you but that didn't make any of this okay. You were just as much of a cheater now as they were. All four of you were fucked up. Had you never known, had you never slept with Jongdae in an emotional and admittedly drunken fit you would've never dared to cheat. You would've called him out on it you would've gotten upset and walked out on him. The moment he begged for you to come back to him though, you would've caved. Neither seemed like a better situation because either way you were giving him permission to continue cheating on you. You didn't think the cycle would end but at this point you didn't really care. Minseok took your earlobe between his teeth and nibbled at it, hard enough to hurt, soft enough to make you want him more. "I'm trying to do something nice for you baby girl and here you are trying to piss me off." he said. "What ever you're going to do can you just do it already, I'm getting bored Minnie." you teased further. Jongdae still watched you, the bathroom door wasn't closed yet he still had time to slip out but he wasn't moving. His eyes locked with yours as you looked over Minseok's shoulder. You felt his hand slapped your butt and it made you gasp. "One." you said. Minseok chuckled, "You're too used to being punished baby girl. You need to be a good girl for me so I can treat you right." "I don't like to behave. I much prefer being bad." you said into his ear. Your body was on fire as Minseok slapped your other cheek slightly harder this time. The jeans kept the sting away but when he decided to pull down your pants you were going to feel it and you were eager to get him there. With Jongdae's watchful eyes you felt yourself get hotter. You wanted him to watch the whole time. Minseok slapped your ass again, "Three." you counted. "You deserve ten for claiming to be thinking about my friends but I'll give you six. Take off your pants baby girl." he said. He pulled back to give you a chance to pull them off. Either he forgot the door was still open or he didn't care, you wouldn't put it past him. He was going to let everyone in that house hear you beg for him. What better way to show what was his then to let any competition around him know that you and your body begged for him. Jongdae had pulled off your pants and underwear to quickly to really enjoy a showit so you moved slow. You slowly switched your hips and allowed the jeans to come off your curves and you dropped them to the floor leaving your underwear on. Your hand touched your clothed core and made its way up your body. Minseok loved to watch you do this for him and it was for him but it was for Jongdae too. Jongdae looked just about ready to jump you and that amused you. Minseok stepped forward just as you tucked your thumbs into your panty line. He stopped you, "These are for me to take off baby girl." he said. That name attacked you with such sensations, your core tightened and you felt his hands wrap around your waist. Jongdae had slipped out by now but you could still see a tuff of his hair from the side of the door. Minseok gripped onto you and whipped you around to face the mirror. He bent you over the sink and you heard the soft click of the door finally shutting. So no one could watch the show but he'd let them hear the music of your moans. Instantly, you felt a sting on your right cheek and the sound of a slap echoed in the bathroom. "Four." you whimpered. "Look at the face you're making baby girl. You like it so much when I spank this little butt of yours" he chuckled. He slapped the other cheek while his other hand was soothing the other slap he gave you. "Five." "One more baby girl and I can give you what you want." he said. "Please." you begged. The last slap was intentionally harder to get you to cry out louder. His lips came down to kiss the spot but the stinging lingered longer. "Six." you said. You took in a deep breath needing it after holding it for a few seconds as he tried to soothe the slap he gave you. He stood up to look at your face in the mirror. "Such a beautiful face." he said. You smirked and said, "Are you talking about yourself?" He smiled and leaned into your neck, he whispered just below your ear, you almost missed it, "I love you." he said. That seemed to wipe the smile off your face. Did he really? You loved him and you were sleeping with his best friend. He said he loved you yet he consistently cheated on you and he was the one to even begin the cycle. It didn't even feel the same to hear him say that to you. It didn't send this beautiful butterfly sensation through your body that made you want him, it sent this over whelming sadness through you that made you want to cry. You partly wanted to slap him as hard as he slapped you but in his face rather than his ass. How could even attempt to say that? You looked at him as his chin rested on your shoulder. He looked up at you from his position, his body on top of yours still bent over the counter and holding onto the sink. You knew he was waiting for you to say it back. "I love you too." you said small and far less confident than him. "Look at me and say it." he said. When you turned to look him in the face, he looked worried like he knew you didn't mean it. You gave him a small smile, "I love you too. I do." you said. He stared at you for a moment as if he were trying to assess for himself whether you were telling the truth or not. He didn't say anything as he slowly moved to your panties and pulled them down at his own slow pace. The cool air hitting your wet core made you shiver. "You're so dirty down here, I'll need to clean you up." he said. He pushed your legs open more to make space for himself. He grabbed onto your thighs and let his thumbs spread your already wet folds. He gently kissed your clit making you twitch ever so slightly. He gave another soft kiss until he progressively worked up to using his tongue. It was like he was giving your clit a full on make out session. Your hips moved so you could ride his face as he tasted you. You felt his tongue flatten out and you gripped his hair finally letting out the moans you had to hide when you let Jongdae lick you up. You felt two fingers glide inside you curling just enough to get you to scream his name. You felt him hum into you satisfied and you bucked your hips into his face faster. "Fuck Minnie- I'm so close." you said. "You're going to make a bigger mess." he said. "Fuck I'm going to- Minseok!" you cried. He had dipped his tongue inside of you but that had been enough to send your orgasm rushing over you. You could still hear his wet licks as he lapped up your juices. "I didn't tell you, you could cum Y/N." he said "What the hell am I supposed to do when you're doing that!" you snapped at him. He bit your clit making you shriek in pleasure. "Fuck." you shuddered. "Don't get smart with me Y/N. You know I like it when I feel you cum around me. You should've held on." "I told you I was close." He stood up and kissed you, making you taste yourself on his lips. His kiss was different though it was deep but it wasn't rough. He hand cupped the side of your neck and he pulled you in closer to his body. You could feel his erection and you moaned at how he placed your hand over the covered bulge and he made you rub him. He pulled away from the kiss. "You're not done." he said. You didn't mind that. You watched him pull out a condom from him pocket then he pulled his pants down and pushed them aside to completely get them out of the way. He left his shirt on but buttoned it down to reveal his body below. Good to know he had a condom on handy. He opened the small package with his teeth and sheathed himself. He aligned himself with you and then slammed his hips into yours making you cry out. He didn't give you time to adjust he just kept moving. "Shit Y/N how can you grip me this tight after just cumming?" he groaned. You were loud in your moans,you were sure everybody and even Sin Hye could hear you. You were partly happy about that because she knew that he was still sleeping with you. "You missed me inside you that much baby girl?" he said. The groans and the hard rhythm of his thrust sent you into over drive. You were turned on again and ready to cum. He played a little with your already sensitive clit from your last release then he said, "No you need to touch yourself baby girl. Touch your body while I fuck you." he said. You did as he asked. Your hand roamed around your body pinching and twisting your nipples, squeezing your breast then moving down to your clit to play with it. You were a moaning mess and he groaned, "Louder baby. Let them hear you." he said. Louder you got, moaning and crying his name, a string of curses leaving your lips in the process. The sensation of his rhythmically snapping hips had you a complete mess. He had wrapped his hand around your neck and lifted you and so you could watch him fuck in you the mirror. It was hot to see that hungry look in his eyes as he kissed the side of your face. He made you get louder while he whispered dirty things in your ear. "One day you're going to let me fuck you raw. It's going to feel amazing baby girl. You're going to love having me cum inside you. You'll beg for it. You're so beautiful." he said. You could feel him twitch inside you and you were once again by your climax. "Fuck baby I'm gonna cum." he said. "Me too." you cried. You bent back over and his hand went back to you hips and he pumped into you harder and faster. His heavy breathing giving you an extra boost because of how sexy he sounded. His thrusts became uneven, letting you know he was about to burst. It happened at the same time; you and him both came, you having reached a second climax already. He pulled out of you leaving you sore and empty. He made you get down on your knees after her took off the condom. He tied it up and threw it away and said, "Clean me up baby girl." Your mouth opened to take him in. Your tongue at first swirling around just the head before he thrusted into your mouth. It caught you off guard making you gag at one point. He moved his hips slower this time so you could suck him off. He patted your head as you did. When he was satisfied with what he saw, he cupped your cheek and popped himself out of your mouth. "Good girl" he whispered. He kissed you and helped you up. You both cleaned yourselves off before you headed out of the bathroom. Baekhyun and Jongdae both stared at you two when you walked into the leaving room. "You have a perfectly nice bed at home and you decide to hump in our bathroom?" Baekhyun said slightly disturbed. "Everytime I go in there now I'm just gonna hear Y/N moaning." he said. "That's the idea. My baby girl needed me so I gave her what she needed." "But in our bathroom?" he groaned. Minseok chuckled, you looked at Jongdae with a smile on your face. He looked annoyed with you for letting him sleep with you. You knew damn well if the roles were reversed you'd have an attitude with him too but you didn't bother showing any sign of comfort and he shouldn't have shown any sign of annoyance. Baekhyun was annoyed that you guys had sex in their bathroom but he was more playful about it. Jongdae was silent and looked irritated. Sin Hye had been glaring at Minseok who was staring at you. He sat on the couch he's legs opened and his hand patting the empty space between them. "Come here baby girl. Come sit with me." he said. You made your way over to him and Jongdae ignored you. The thought of him saying he loved you still floated in your head. Was Minseok telling the truth and if he was then why did he start cheating? Jongdae hated that you went back to him, you hated that Jongdae went back to Sin Hye. You both were annoyed with the circumstances of how you met up. Only hooking up with each other when Minseok and Sin Hye hooked up. Minseok might've just been a good actor. He was as acting like he didn't give a shit about her. She was obviously jealous though. You were acting too but you weren't as convincing because you started to realize more and more with each day he cheated on you, you loved him less and less... Jongdae's POV For three months him and Y/N had been sleeping with each other behind their partners backs. He remembered way back when, just three years ago, Minseok was head over heels in love with Y/N, he'd do anything for her. No one would ever believe that he'd cheat on her and even more he didn't believe that Sin Hye would cheat on him. The day he found out was slightly similar to how Y/N found out he was telling the truth. He was meeting up with her while she was on her lunch break, they had scheduled it that morning, she must've forgotten about it and when he showed up he could see her on her knees and him sitting on his couch in his office while she gave him a blow job, the blinds to his window were slightly cracked but he could see it clear enough. Y/N didn't believe him at first but once she dropped in on him as a surprise the following day she believed him. She actually bought a hotel room to stay in for the night because she was so furious with him. He went over to talk to her and they talked about what they wanted to do. Jongdae was in love with Sin Hye he didn't want to leave her he wanted to make things work. Y/N just wanted to punch Minseok in his throat a few times. She was hurt and pissed but she kept saying she loved him. She didn't know if she wanted to fix anything, she didn't know if she wanted to confront him, she didn't know if she wanted to leave him. Five shots into the night and their emotions and alcohol had completely over shadowed their judgement. When they woke up the next morning though, he didn't have any regrets. Yes, he loved Sin Hye but Y/N was an excellent lover and she pushed him to do much more than he did with Sin Hye. Over the course of three months lines began to blur and cross over. While his girlfriend screwed his best friend in secret, he was screwing his best friend's girlfriend. They were both getting off on the idea of being caught in the act by one or the other but he didn't realize how strong his feelings were for her until he watched her tease Minseok. She was clearly getting off on the fact that he was watching and the way she moved for him, her little strip tease made him want her more. He went back into his room to finish himself off while he listened to her load moans and screams that were granted by him. She shouldn't be in love with him, neither one of them should be with the people they were with but equally it seemed all of them were terrible people making horrible decisions. The way she gripped his hair and rode his face while Minseok talked to her, he felt how her body reacted to his words. Would he have the same affect on her? It had seemed like over the past three months his thoughts of Sin Hye were slowly being replaced by Y/N and he didn't know how to make it stop. He wasn't sure he wanted it to stop. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to not act jealous that she sounded so good when she was moaning Minseok's name. He didn't like that she seemed to be having fun and that she still had feelings for him. When he caught her alone in the kitchen he got close to her ear, "It's not nice to tease me like that Y/N." he said. She turned to look at him with a smirk on her face. In a whisper she said, "I gave you the chance to leave and you wanted to watch so I decided to play." "I had you first." "It doesn't matter Jongdae." she smiled. "He can say all those things to you and still get into your pants that easily? After all that he's done to you." he said annoyed. She uncapped the water bottle that she pulled from the fridge and went to take a sip but he grabbed her arm. He got closer, close enough to feel her body heat coming from her. "Do you still love him?" he asked. "Do you still love her?" "No." he said. "That's good to know." she chuckled. She leaned in to peck his lips quickly. "You didn't answer my question." he said. "I know because I can't answer it right now. I don't know yet." she said. "You can say that with a smile on?" "What do you want from me sunshine? For me to slay I love you? If you do I can't say that. I do like you, I like you a lot but Minseok is my boyfriend. Sin Hye is your girlfriend and as long as we're attached to other people I don't see us being a great match. I enjoy having sex with you and we talk about some real things but can you honestly say that your feelings aren't getting confused because of this situation? Are you sure that you have feelings for me or is it just your feelings for her being projected on me? I have to ask myself the same thing because my head and heart are working over time to figure out what the hell is going on and neither one has an answer yet." "I'm sure of how I feel Y/N. I just wish you were because it kills me to hear your voice beg for him when you should be begging for me princess." "I'll beg for you soon enough Sunshine but for now we need to go out there and pretend that we're blindly happy and in love with the people we're." she said. She smiled and he took the bottle of water from her hand and took a slow sip. He made her watch the way he swallowed it down. While he simultaneously ran his hand slowly up her stomach. Her body shivered against his touch. "I'm thirsty too asshole." she said. She reached up to make him bend his head down and pressed her lips against his. He slowly allowed the water to drop into her mouth and she pulled back a little to swallow. She licked her lips when a droplet strayed from the corner of her mouth. "Tastes like Sunshine." she smiled grabbing the bottle back from him and walked away. One thing he could say, he hated to see her go but he loved the way she walked went she left.....
Okay a couple things. The only reason I dropped this Jongdae story in the middle of two other stories is because this story is short and will most likely finish before the other two are done. Jongdae was a request for his own story but I actually have a few story lines I've been saving for Jongdae as the main character. Jongdae's second story is much longer which is why I opted to drop this first one now because it's short and I didn't want to drop two Jongdae stories at the same time or back to back. At best Internal Affairs will be three chapters and an epilogue much like Baekhyun's story. The other point is that if you want to stay tagged let me know, if you want off let me know, if you want to be added let me know. Thanks for reading bunnies I hope you enjoyed. ~BabydollBre Taglist: @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @yaya12 @Starbell808 @kisashimizu16 @Mrsax2018 @dchapple45 @matty0203 @loljan17 @priscy513 @Izzy987 @Elizabeth1234 @reyestiny93 @Kimnam94 @Lopleaf19 @Tamaki1618 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco @Melissagarza @makidabebe @orihemay @Queenlele @KpopQueenabee @sierrakuper @PrettieeEmm @ScarletMermaid @senia @JordanShuler @hobisactualgf @AlexisRiver @StefaniTre @selfishmachines @AdeleLynn @JeniseRamos @SindyHernandez @MomoCamie @KristinaCaron @DasiaB @peachchild @pharmgirlerin @BTSxEXO @QueenPandaBunny @MaritessSison @ParkHwaYoung @SaraHanna @Ivonsvon @yukigintokie
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