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Gotta hand it to him. Wow. That's quite the set-up. From Rocketnews24: "Any photographer will tell you that you always have to be aware of your light sources. Especially with people, the wrong kind of lighting can someone look completely different, usually in a bad way. This young photo bug took that advice to heart when he attended a cosplay event in China. Realizing that work outside of a studio pits a photographer in a battle with sometimes unpredictable lighting, this man fitted several brackets to his back, each supporting an external flash. Surrounded by his array of flashes, he ensured himself the ability to catch shadows at every angle. However, in the process he inadvertently created his own character; Super-Prepared Cameraman. And got his photo posted on websites across the Greater China area. Readers commented that the man looked like a variety of comic book and sci-fi characters from “Doctor Octopus” to “Gundams.” Some even said that a picture from him must resemble Krillin’s Solar Fist special move from the Dragon Ball series. However, we have to share the feelings of many who saw this picture in simply wondering how his photos turn out. Even if his photography gig doesn’t work out in the end, he could always use that rig to land aircraft or guide ships through foggy weather."
@Aero2042 Very true. It's always good to experiment with lighting and shadows for each individual subject. @suranimh That's exactly what I think. Genius contraption and very resourceful. @alise No, I didn't see a name on the article which is a shame, because I'd love to see the photos too.
10/10 for his creative !! :D I love to see how his photos look like. Does anyone know his name ?
innovative & handy. almost pro. guess the only snag be -a back massage please
That's dedication to his art right there! And he is completely right. Light really makes a difference in a photo. The shadows on someone's face can change their natural appearance completely. I actually think this is why some people are photogenic. The light falls on them well so that their natural characteristics stand out. Sometimes, even good looking people aren't photogenic because the lighting just hits them in the wrong way and distorts their image.