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Hi hi guys I made my boyfriend watch the recent series BTS has done and I made him study kpop more don't worry and he came up with this so far.
So that's his theory so far we're currently trying to link Young Forever, Fire, I Need U, Run, Save Me, etc with this whole thing. How is this whole thing making you all feel? I'm really like stunned XD I'll release my theory tomorrow once it's all released

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the fact that u got him to think about it is award worthy
a year ago·Reply
ikr XD
a year ago
The true Sherlock my lord... @-@
a year ago·Reply
XD I agree too
a year ago
well dang boi! @danyeljules41 agree
a year ago·Reply
XD yeah he really got into it
a year ago
@danyeljules41 he really want to figure it out
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