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Hey guys for those of u who have been keeping up with the Wings short films for BTS, I'm sure ur confused on what the heck is happening...this isn't really a theory but more like an analysis.just something I've noticed with the order of the short films.... here we go!!!
So we all know that it started off with jungkook, then jimin, v, suga, rapmon, and then recently j-hope..we believe that Jin will be last and he won't merge with anyone...I think that they might leave him out in the new short film and make an 8th one..ooor put him in the 7th one and combine him with everyone in the group..making one big symbol
speaking of the merges....we thought that whoever the member was talking about or mentioning..was who he was gonna merge with.... WRONG After Suga's short film, we see his symbol merge with jimin's instead of jungkooks because our little seagul maknae has been warning Suga.. here are the merges that happened and the merges we think that should've happened. Jungkook- Rapmonster Jimin-Suga (they planned this ship..) V-Jhope We don't know about Jin yet Here's what should've been merged Jungkook-Suga Jimin-Jhope V-Rapmon still don't know about our mom of he group I believe that BigHit might be making these merges for a reason we don't know yet
Last thing Didn't the wings short films come out on the 4th this week? starting with jungkook on monday all the way to jhope to today..Saturday. BigHit has not failed to post the videos on YouTube throughout the entire week....7 days of the week...7 members of BTS. Now doesn't that sound suspicious? keep in mind that in america central time... this is how it is to well as them uploading toward the exact same time everyday
Here are the videos that have been posted so far
Let me know what u guys think...seriously tell me if I'm wrong or nah...ooooor give me a theory of what u think is happening ..If u wanna really good theory of this go I'll link the one of the videos and u can start from, comment or do what ever...have a nice day guys ANNYEONG!!!