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This was from earlier this year from Rocketnews24: "Written with the kanji characters 七 and 夕, Tanabata literally means ‘seventh evening’, and according to Japanese legend is the one day of the year that the young couple Orihime and Hikoboshi are permitted to meet, otherwise separated by the great 天の川 (Ama no Gawa, lit. river of the heavens). And it just so happens that some lucky star gazers in Hokkaido were granted front row seats. The story of Tanabata is believed to be based on a Chinese folktale that became especially popular in Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1868), and is a much-loved calendar event even today. According to the legend, Orihime (lit. ‘weaving princess’), the daughter of a great god, would craft beautiful clothes on the banks of the great starry river in the sky. Working night and day, however, the princess soon became lonely and longed for a companion. Taking pity on her, Orihime’s father arranged for her to meet with a young man by the name of Hikoboshi (known to us as Altair–the twelfth brightest star that can be seen from earth), wherein the pair immediately fell in love and married. Their matrimonial bliss did not last for long, however, as Orihime’s short-tempered father became angry when he found that his daughter no longer had time to create the beautiful clothes she used to, and so placed the young lovers on opposite sides of the great river, which Westerners know today as the Milky Way. Later, seeing his daughter’s distress, Orihime’s father decided to allow the pair to meet once a year, on the seventh night of the seventh month. Although the festival is celebrated on different in some parts of Japan, most regions look skyward on July 7. Much like when the super moon made its appearance last month, viewing conditions are not always optimal, although thankfully one lucky star-gazer in Hokkaido was ready and waiting with their camera in an enormous wheat field and managed to capture the celestial event for us all to see here. Tanabata may be based on a folktale, but this certainly is pretty."
@PiuPiuPENGUIN Ohhh, me too. (^_^) I used to go to the library and read all the books they had on mythologies from different countries. I especially like the Tanabata one.
When I was a child I used to read a lot of fairy tales :) I read the story of the tanabata festival, about the two lovers, divided by the river of stars :)) so sad and romantic <3