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So as you all know, I loooove the show HTS. I really love how it focuses on dance, but its also about the overall performance, theme, and stage! I have watched all the episodes for the first 3 themes so far and here are my top favorite performances from the first 6 episodes! (There really hasnt been a performance that wasnt awesome, but these ones in particular wowed me)
TEN - Devils : Oh my god. Ten has impressed me the most on this show. I have looooved all this performances but I think this one impressed me the most so I picked this one for this card. ^^ The beginning is only voice, no beat, yet he creates his own beat to it with his dance! His acting is on point and the choreography is so good! Fits the theme so well and I absolutely looove some of the ripples they do! Plus Ten really utilized his flexibility too! Like this is my favorite, its so good. (HTS has made me a Ten fangirl... why is such an amazing performer!!)
Ukwon - Devils : Ukwon's acting is too good with this theme. I felt like I watching a scene in a batman movie. Then Ukwon busts out the moves when the beat drops but stays in character so well. The choreography fits really well with the Joker theme and the ending with the human tower falling is pretty cool. Like Ukwon is so cool in this performance.
FeelDog - This Love : So just like with Ten, didnt know anything about FeelDog so didnt have any expectation for him, but this performance was soooo impressive!! The acting is really good and the choreography is way too good. I have to agree with one of the Hit Panelist that FeelDog out shined the dancers with his dancing. Like his movements are so on point and he really gets into every single movement with his whole being. Hes very smooth and this performance was awesome.
Taemin - Devils : I had high expectations foe Taemin and he did not disappoint. This choreography is soooo freakin good. Its legit mesmerizing. Taemin theme was very deep too (inner demon) I love this song too. A lot of people think Taemin "cheated" cuz he his own song and choreography he already knew, but theres no such rule in this show. The song fits the theme well and he adapted the original solo dance to a duet with the original, very very talented, choreographer of this song <3 Taemin nailed every point of this performance and its amazing. Taemin took the trophy with this performance!
Hoya - This Love : Again on point acting and the skill with this choreography is really good. You can really feel the mood with their performance. This is on point lyrical dancing and I love it. Lyrical dancing is my personal forte so I really love watching this performance too. Hoya won with this performance too.
Stephanie - Uniform : My favorite performance from Uniform was for sure Ten, but I really likes Stephanie's performance and I think the scoring did not match what she did. She did a ballet dance and she performed her role as a flight attendant really really well. She didnt break character for a second. The choreography is beautiful and fits the theme so well. There were some very impressive moves and choreography that are not easily copied. Really loved it.
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Ten's Devils performance lowkey helped me realize what love is