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A/N: HELLO! So everyone I decided to go with a Got7 Angst and we start the series with no one other than JB!! Well if you guys want to go check out the previous BTS series I'll go ahead and link it! Summary: He left me in the dark...will I be able to ever find happiness again. Jimin Jhope Rapmon Jungkook Suga Jin V
--1 YEAR AGO-- "Y/N...if I were to disappear what would you do?" I looked up at Jaebum who was looking down at me, "Umm...I would find you and slap you and then kiss you and then make you promise to never leave me again." He then gave me a smile and pulled me in and kissed my forehead, "I love you more than anything Y/N so I won't ever disappear...I promise." --PRESENT-- "Y/N? What are you doing here again?" I looked at Youngjae as I put the picture of a smiling Jaebum next to an annoyed looking me on the table nearest to me,"I..I just can't believe it Youngjae..." I closed my eyes as the tears stung my eyes, "Why did he do it?" Youngjae then patted my back, "Y/N I just want you to know that he loved you very much...if anything you helped keep him alive for much longer than if he wasn't with you." I looked around and wiped the tears that fell on my cheeks, "But why wasn't I enough to keep him here...why did he..." I cried harder and I looked at the picture, picked it up once again and hugged it as tight as I can crying until I could no longer breathe. Until I choked on my own tears. Youngjae just stood there astounded by my sudden outcry. "Y-Y/N..." Why did he do this? Why did he leave me behind and make me feel like this? Have always been the only one that was happy?, "He promised me, Youngjae...that he would never leave me. That he would never disappear...and yet he...I hate him for being so selfish...he left without thinking about how I would feel and now I..." I just sat there on the same spot he promised me, "I'm sure he was conflicted...he didn't want you suffering but he just..." Youngjae went silent for a minute, "I'll go and leave you alone for now okay? Call if anything happens."I nodded as I laid down burying my face on the couch his lingering scent making me crying out in the pain of losing him. I cried there silently as I heard the door close. He didn't want to suffer anymore but will I ever stop suffering from this pain? Will I ever be able to love someone as much as I did Jaebum?

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Wtf?! I need answers! I need to know what's going on! πŸ€”πŸ˜ž
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yes he did and im sorry 😭😭😭😭