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Now normally I don't post about MVs but I was looking for something and came across this gem it was posted on the fourth of this month and of this year
but GOD DAM. KRIS CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD LIKE DUDE WHAT (yes I know that's s.coups from seventeen I'm using because that's how I felt when I saw it)
but dang Kris slay me
just slay me now.😜😍
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for real
a year ago
Kris is bae and those extensions makes him look like one of the Ice Fantasy cast members.
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This made me extremely happy, the entire time (as soon as the beat dropped) I started to move with the beat and mentally scream 'YES LAWD' Then the other part of me, the wierd part, was also screaming, 'IMPALE WITH YOUR SWORD GALAXY MAN' ._.
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@Hawaii5Oh lmao that last part
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