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Gia View "Wait hold up.This fool is really going to ask you if you going to move to Korea?!" "Shhh.They don't know yet."I said pointing towards my parents room. "Sorry.Did you give him an answer??" "No I told him I'll think about it." "What is there to think about. The answer is no..Right?" "Of course.Im in school.Also You and I are going to move in together anyways." "Yes we are." "Gia.Lonnie.How does this dress look?"Mom asked coming out of her room. "It's cute..but." "Your boobs might pop out.What did Dad say?" "Nothing he's in the shower." "Oh Mom what about the long black brown one you have." "That actually might be better." Mom went back to her room and we continued to talk. "Do you think they'll find out??" "Most likely.The question is when and how will they react.On top of that I still gotta tell Rico." "Let's call him up." "Alright." Lonnie pulled out here IPad and we FaceTimed Rico. "My lovely ladies.What are you two up to."Rico said smiling. "Chillen.Where you at?"Lonnie asked noticing he wasn't home. "I'm chillen at my cousins place.Why you so quiet G?" "She has something to tell you and wants feedback." "All ears." "I told Jay finally,but he asked me if I would move to Korea." "That's good you told him,but damn.You're in school tho and to up and leave." "I know.I'll just tell him no when I see him." "Good.You can't leave us."Rico said. "Alright we are leaving."Mom said following Dad out of their room. "Bye." "Bye." "Girls behave." "We will." We finished talking to Rico and so far they don't want me to leave but now I gotta finish the talk with Jay and my parents.So nervous about that but maybe they won't really find out and I can just talk to Jay. "What gender is the baby?"Lonnie asked laying down on my bed. "Don't know.Jay has the envelope with the gender.We both decided to keep it quiet." "Are you going to do a reveal party?" "Yeah." "Why.I hate those.What if I buy boy stuff and it turns out to be a girl.No fun." "I'll think about it with Jay." "Can't you just think about it.Jay has to think about it too now." "Yes he does.Stop being bitter.I'm not moving." "Fine.Girl lets watch a movie and pass out.Class tomorrow." "I agree." I put on Revenge of The Bridesmaids and laid down in bed.
"Gia!!"Mom yelled. What does she want!?! I got out of bed and headed to her room seeing her sitting on the bed. "Yes Mom?" "Why am I just finding out about Jay asking you to move to Korea with him?" "I was going to tell you soon, but I did already make up my mind."I said sitting on the bed. "You need to. He will be far from his child.You can line with your grandparents in busan or your uncle and his family." "Mom.I don't want to.Why do I have to leave everything behind and start new somewhere else." "It's his kid.Daddy will agree with me." "No Daddy will tell me to do what I think is right." "We'll see later on tonight." "Ok.I better start getting ready for class." "Alright." I headed back to my room checking the time to see a text from Jay. JayJay:Come up with an answer yet?? Impatient. Me:Let's meet up at your house after my class? JayJay:What time? Me:Around 1:30. JayJay:Ok. I locked my phone and began getting ready. Lonnie already left since she had an early morning class.How I don't want to go to class.It'll take my mind off everything for a little bit.I finished getting dressed and got into my car playing Super Bee Shark.He never disappoints.
As I was sitting in class the professor decided to have us pair up and work on some worksheets. How I just rather not. "Umm.Do you have a partner yet?" I looked up seeing this really cute guy. "I-I don't." He is too cute. "Alright.Well let's start."He said sitting next to me."I'm Chase by the way." "Gia." "May I ask.How far along are you?"He asked noticing my baby bump.Aint hard to miss. "Almost 5 months." "I have to say he is a lucky guy to be with you.Also having a beautiful baby." "We aren't together.It's complicated." "So that means your single." "It does,but my mom doesn't see it that way.I think she wants us together since he asked me to move closer to him." "You going?" "Nope.Happy where I'm at." "Good.Don't leave because I won't see your pretty face again." Ok he making me blush inside.Boy needs to stop. "Let's start this worksheet."I said opening my book. After class Chase walked me to my car and we said good bye to each other.Now time to meet Jay.I drove over to his parents house thinking it over my decision.i parked in front and headed to the door ring in the bell. "Hey G."Jay said opening the door. "Hi."I walked in and headed up to his old room to talk. "So how was class?" "Good." "That's good.So you made up your mind?" "I did.I'm staying.Please don't be mad.Think about it from my view.I'm in school,my friends, and family is here.You're asking me to drop everything and move." "I want to be close to my child.Is that so wrong?" "Aren't you busy all the time.When would you even come see the baby?" "I may be busy but I can make time." "Make time.Like you made time for me after you left.Wait you didn't." "Look G.I messed up.I was busy I had to manage my artist,schedule appearances,concerts,and promotions.Do you not feel the same anymore like Vegas?" "I don't." I'm lying.I've fallen for this guy harder when we were in Vegas.Ugh he can't know. "Well I do.Gia Arianna Choi.I love you and I want us to be a family."He came closer and kissed me.I was shocked but his kisses were like cotton candy.So sweet and soft.I began kissing back till my phone back to ring.I quickly pushed Jay away and looked at my phone seeing Chase calling. Perfect timing..I think.? "You going to answer that?"Jay asked looking towards my phone.
haha seducing her in his childhood bedroom wow xD savage
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He did thanks to chase lol
that was serious.
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Nah girl, you good! I wanna know what Jay is going to say about this Chase thing....
to many sexy men 😋😋