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Dear Significant Other,
If i ever mistreat you... please don't be afraid of putting me in my place; report me to the police, or if you really want to get me in check just report me to my sisters/mother. I really hope i never do mistreat you, both physically and emotionally.
I worry about this because i believe i have the ability, we all have the ability to do wrong and it frustrates me. I honestly pray that knowing i have the ability to do so will stop me from ever committing such an act!
I want to be the one that holds you when you're sad not the reason for your tears. My heart right now is not able to hand the thought of hurting the person i love. I want my heart beat to be your pillow when you need rest, emotional rest is hard to come by and i pray God can let me be both strong and weak for you. Weak because it's the only way i can totally let you into my heart. God has my heart before you do and i'm very ready for you to say the same to me. If i cry i believe you'll be there for me, if you fall i pray i'll be there for you. Please never shut me out. I pray i never shut you out. This is hard for me but that is no excuse. As my significant other you are worth it, i have no doubt about that. I'm just going to have to try harder for us.
I pray i treat you with all the love and respect you deserve and i already know you deserve so much more than i can give.
Perhaps these letters are my prayer to God. Prayer for him to make me better than i currently am so when we do meet i am ready. I suppose one of these letter should outline my current faults... Even the ones i refuse to admit out loud. I need to get better for my future. For our future.
Love yours,
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Funny...what we're most afraid of is not what can/can't happen but rather of what we can do.