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Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (I lied there's a lil angst sorry guys) Chapter 7 Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...
Haneul's POV Two weeks before Jihoon received the call that changed her, Haneul had seen her smile and laugh like she was the happiest person in the world. Y/N had always been the bubbly sensation of the group paired well with her fellow Maknae buddy Hae-il. Haneul wanted desperately for her to be with him. He loved her but he felt as though she was leaning more towards Zico. He wanted to hold on longer because he felt like her decision was already made, she just didn't want to say it. Her mind was working in over drive to decided which was right but he had a feeling she already knew where her heart was. Her attraction was geared more towards Zico and Haneul was sure he knew why. Zico wasn't familiar to her; he was something new and exciting. He wasn't her friend or her band mate so there was no big backlash if things didn't work. Then there was the main attraction, he was the rapper that inspired her not just as an artist but as a leader too. She strived so much to be like him and then go beyond him. Y/N looked up to Haneul and he felt as though he shouldn't have messed with that dynamic. He should've just stayed her friend. He should've just listened to Jihoon. He heard her call his name in her sleep and that made him happy but then he heard Zico's name as well. So even in her dreams they drove her crazy, her subconscious knew what she wanted but the more she suppressed it and tried to follow it up with a logical response the more her feelings got confused. He couldn't help getting jealous, Zico danced with her and Haneul wasn't that big on dancing. It was apart of the job so he had to learn but he couldn't share her passion in that. He could share her passion in rap though. They had spent long nights working on songs for a mixtape and she so desperately wanted the company to agree to it. Three days had passed since she stepped into the studio to write, create or record anything. The house and everyone in it moved in silence even when she wasn't there. Jihoon was friends with her brother. He explained that they were closer because they we're close in age. Though any death in the family would be heart breaking and hard to get over this one seemed to hit her the worst. Jihoon wanted to help her but she had shut him out completely. It seemed like the only time they saw her was when they were at the studio practicing for the concert. Zico and Haneul both worked together to try and help her through it but she pushed them away. "I'm fine, none of that is important now." she'd say. Mr.Kim gave Y/N a pass to go to the funeral but she refused. It was at the end of this week, she said if she wasn't going with Jihoon she wasn't going to go. Mr.Kim was trying to work something out so that they could go together but Haneul still didn't think she'd go. Zico said he brought her food at the practice room but she wouldn't eat when he was there. She wouldn't talk to him, she just kept practicing. He would come back an hour or so later and she would have eaten but she wasn't looking well. All the members could see it. Jihoon wasn't much better, he said he'd just talked to her brother. Two days before he got the call he said he was coming up to their concert but he wanted it to be a surprise so he told Jihoon not to tell Y/N. Telling her now would only be worse, all because some stupid kid with a gun, he lost his life. There was a hole in the door where Jihoon punched it. He stayed in his room most of the time, he was just as closed up as Y/N but at least he talked about it. The boys went into the room to comfort him and he'd just talk about Yoojung and how great a person he was. He was very supportive of him and Y/N becoming idols and when Jihoon was teaching her Korean Yoojung was learning as well so she would talk to both boys so that she could become fluent. Jihoon was more worried about Y/N though. Her radio silence was killing him. He had never gone three days without talking to her, it just didn't happen in their relationship. He felt useless to her much like Haneul did. She kept them focused during dance practice and when it was time for a break or time to eat she just kept working. He was worried, if she kept working at this rate she would collapse. She was obviously coming home late to take a shower and change clothes and then sleep but she was up before them by the next day. "What are we going to do about her?" Hae-il said. He seemed to miss her crazy antics the most. Without her silly nature and loud voice clashing with his to see who was the loudest it was like Hae-il lost a part of himself. "She's not listening to anyone not even Jihoon. She's shut everyone out, if it doesn't concern the concert or NTERNational she just passes it off like she doesn't care." Heechul said. "B Bomb thinks she's drinking now." Haneul said. "What?" Hae-il looked up at him. "He said he saw liquor bottles in the trash when he was walking out. Zico said she looks exhausted. All she's doing is dancing. Her music is on for hours after we leave for practice." Haneul said. "She's distracting herself." Jihoon said. The guys turned back to see Jihoon in his black tank top and his gray sweatpants. He looked like he hadn't slept all night. Haneul had first hand knowledge that he really didn't. He was mainly tossing and turning. "When she first heard that he was dead, she wouldn't believe us. Her parents said she calls his phone still, if they pick she hangs up and calls right back. She leaves him voicemails and at the end of it she tells him to call her back. Every moment she spends awake she has to remember that he's gone and he's not coming back and she doesn't know how to deal with that- so she doesn't. She just distracts herself." Jihoon explained. "So what do we do? Force her deal with it?" Heechul asked. Jihoon shook his head, "You know she doesn't like to be forced into doing something. She's just got to work it out for herself. All we can do is make sure she doesn't kill herself in the process." "That's your solution hyung? Do nothing?" Hae-il said. "Hae-il." Haneul called to him. Hae-il looked back at him upset and appalled. "We're not doing nothing Hae-il but Y/N always reveals her true feelings when she feels it's the right time. Yoojung believed we could make it as idols. That's why she needs this distraction. If she can make it through the concert. If she can make it through with a smile on no matter how faked it is- if she can do that she will know she made him proud. So we'll do what friends do best. We'll work our asses off to give a great performance. We'll feed her and love her and take care of her because she's our leader, our friend and our family." Jihoon said. With a scratch of his eyebrow, he turned around and walked into the kitchen. Haneul remembered the way she denied he was gone. She kept calling him and calling him and he just had to tell her he wasn't going to pick up. That look of pain and broken hearted-ness made his heartache. Then everything just shut down and she pushed everyone out... Y/N's POV Practice had been over for hours but you were still dancing. One and two and three, you counted in eighths to the beat in your head. Your body kept moving, you forced it too. It couldn't shut down, you couldn't shut down. Just keep going, keep moving, don't stop, don't think. You were out of breath and behind on the steps. You happened to trip over your foot and the frustration just crashed into you like a bus. You threw your water bottle into the mirror, "Damn it." you shouted. You stopped the music and replayed the song. Zico came into the room and grabbed you. "Okay enough of this." he said. He unplugged your phone and put it in his pocket. "Hey what are you doing Jiho!" you said annoyed. "Would you look at yourself? You're shaking, you're exhausted, you're burning more calories then you're taking in, can you please just stop and sit down." he said. You shook your head, "It's not enough." she said "What's not enough Y/N? Are you trying to kill yourself?" "I don't know yet I haven't thought that far ahead." you chuckled. He looked at you upset. Not a funny joke, clearly. You looked at him and pulled out your phone from his pocket. He tried to grab it back but you said, "Wait." You pressed the redial on your phone and it called your brother's phone. It rang until his voicemail came up and you played it on speaker. "Hello? What's up?" there was a slight pause. "Hold on let me stop you there. I'm not really on the phone right now this is just a recording. Fooled yah! Anyway leave your message and I'll call you back!" You hung up, this time you had a small smile on because you could hear his voice. "He won't pick up. Every time I call he says the same thing because it's a recording. So I force myself to listen to a lie multiple ties in the hopes that all of this, that the past three days he's just been a giant ass to me and he's ignoring my calls. Twenty six messages in the past three days I've left him begging him to call me back when I know he never will, Zico." you said. There were tears streaming down your eyes making your vision blurry. Zico wrapped his arm around your neck and pulled you into a tight hug. "Every moment I'm awake it feels so difficult to breathe because I know he's gone but I don't want to believe it. My brother is gone and I'm surrounded by so many people but I still feel so alone. All I can do is keep moving, keep drowning everything out until I can't feel it because if I feel it- It just hurts." "I know Y/N." he whispered. " don't," You pulled away from him and walked over to your book bag and pulled out a beer. You walked over to a corner of the room and he walked over to sit in front of you. You took a huge gulp of the beer and sat it down. "When me and Jihoon told my parents we were going to become idols they didn't support us. They thought it was stupid and a waste of time. My brothers didn't believe that we'd really make it. We were good enough for local gigs but not more than that. But Yoojung- he pulled me aside and said 'they're all idiots'." you laughed remembering him say that and taking another sip of your beer. "That was it, he just said they're all idiots. He told me to go for it, both me and Jihoon and prove them wrong. Every single person in the world that thought we couldn't make and prove them wrong. He gave us money to catch a flight so we could audition and when we got in he took us out out to eat. I wasn't even 21 at the time but he bought me a drink anyway. Mom and dad got so upset that I came home drunk." Zico and you smiled back though tears. "He never saw us in concert, he bought our albums and posters; he wrote crazy theories about our music videos. The logo that we had was created by him I just never told anyone. He didn't want anyone to know. That's why I have them use it in every music video. It's just- he'll never see us when we get big, he'll never see us when we go to America or perform at MAMA's hopefully one day. I didn't see him enough, I didn't call him enough, I didn't say thank you or I love you enough and now it just seems like it will never be- enough." "That's why you're working so hard?" he asked. "I can't allow my emotions to cloud my vision. I grew up not giving a damn about acting lady like or dressing appropriate around men. If I was comfortable I was comfortable and Yoojung taught me that. It didn't matter what the world said because the world isn't always right. So I have to keep going and I have to prove to him that the world was wrong. NTERNational is going to go down in music history. We have to and as their leader I have to take them there. I can't falter, I can't fail not even for one second or everything he said he believed in will be garbage. I can't disappoint my brother. So I can't stop, Zico I can't stop. Ever." you said. You sighed and he moved closer to you. His hand came up to cup your cheek and he eased in closer and closer to you until he kissed you. He kissed you softly and your tears dropped as you closed your eyes. You felt his other hand slip around your beer bottle and lightly pull it away from your hand. You heard the bottle touch the hard wood of the floor as he put it down. Still he kissed you slow, your hands came up to his jacket and gripped it to pull him closer to you. The kiss became deeper but not like his other kisses that had heated lust. He was still soft and slow and you felt like time had come to a stand still even as your heart beat at a normal rate you felt like everything else stopped. Your tears stopped and he gently pulled away from your lips to your dismay. He held onto your hands though and pulled you up so you could stand. "Come on." he said. "Where?" "The studio. At your concert you're going to honor your brother the best way you know how. You're a rapper Y/N so use the talent he beloved you had and send your love to him. Make this the number one song for NTERNational's next single. Use your life experience to guide you, pain is only temporary babe eventually with time everything heals. Stop making the wound deeper and start letting it heal." he said. He lead you into the studio and handed you a note pad. He told you to get to work and he started a mix while you wrote. The words flowed out of your system fluently without fail. You were fixing the beats, rearranging them for a better flow in the song. "No, this isn't right, it's missing something." you said. Your voice was still slightly hoarse from crying but it was coming along. Zico looked to you, "What's it missing?" You gave a small smile, "My other members." If you were the only one to succeed then it meant nothing. You remembered Zico's advice from that first day. You weren't going to leave them behind. NTERNational was going to be big; you were going to lead them there and Yoojung was going to see....
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