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Look what I found...
AAAHHH!! Miraculous Ladybug! It makes me happy!
I bought the one with the mask and purse! The gloves are too small but whatever! I still love it! ❤
(Yes that is me....) I really like it! I would really like a Chat Noir one though! Since he IS my favorite character! Anyway, just thought I HAD to share this! (Sorry... I'm not the best looking...)
Chat Noir Team (Cat and Bug Team) @Gracielou0717 Ladybug Team (Bug And Cat Team) @FirePrincess11
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ahhh awesome!!!!!! what store?? I know target sells miraculous stuff but idk xd
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Yeah this was actually at Toys R us 😂 My sister and I were looking for a gift for a one year old and I was upset I couldn't find anything MLB so she looked it up and we found the isle. 😂😆
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