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From Steven on Rocketnews24: "Right up there with the NERV Android Phone, Team Evangelion Racing has to be one of the more badass Evangelion crossovers we’ve seen. It’s got sleek cars decked out in Eva colors, a team of race queens cosplaying in sexy plugsuit-inspired outfits, and an exclusive lineup of Eva racing apparel for you to throw your money at—what more could a fan ask for! Run by Run’A Entertainment Japan under the sponsorship of Evangelion production studio Studio Khara, Team Evangelion Racing has competed in the GT300 class of the Japan Super GT racing series since 2010. Initially they only ran a Toyota Corolla Axio in Eva-Unit 01 colors and had only two race queens, Ayanami Rei (Mizutani Noa) and Asuka Langley (Chiba Yuuna), on the sidelines. In 2011 they brought back Eva-Unit 01, this time as a Mooncraft Shiden, and introduced a second car, a Porsche 911 GT3 R painted as Eva Unit-02, to run alongside. They also added race “queens” Ikari Shinji (Noro Haruna), Nagisa Kaworu (Uneme Hana) and Makinami Mari (Takatsuka Mana) to their lineup."