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it would depend on the day for minhyuk, how the sex goes. some days it would be really sweet and silly, with a lot of gentle touching and hands gliding over your skin as he presses into you. there would always be this kind of hidden power behind his thrusts, as if he’s holding himself back and trying not to rut into you in some kind of messy fashion. He’d make use of a few different positions— doggy style being one of the more frequent ones, and he’d keep his hands on your breasts, fondling them as he played with your nipples while he fucked you from behind. he’d like this position because he’d be able to kiss you along your spine and worship your body while also making sure that you feel the most of him pressing into you. when it’s not a softer sex day with minhyuk, it’s ridiculously frantic and hot and needy. there’d be barely any finesse behind it, but that’s okay because he’s pressing into you roughly, heeding your begging for more and doing everything he can to bring you over that edge. minhyuk is all about making both of you feel good, pressing himself in at angles that he knows will have you clenching tightly around him, and once the both of you are done and spent, he’d pull you close, say that the two of you can clean up later, and snuggle with you until the both of you fall asleep more often than not. he’d be a rush of affection afterwards, always peppering your face with kisses and smiling so lovingly at you as he basks in his high. his smile would be so loose and happy and he’d be the type that’s liquidy and unable to walk after a good orgasm, or even able to collect his thoughts.
sex with kihyun would involve a lot of soft noises, moans, and even some heavy breathing. he’d really put all of himself into the act of this, because it’s something between the both of you, and he’d easily get super cocky and dominant. he’d praise you sometimes, telling you about how good you feel so slick and tight around him, and there’d even be some petting in the sense that he’d smooth his hands down your hair, brush his fingers across your face as he complimented you. he’s someone that, if you initiated the contact, like hand holding or pressing close, he’d return the action and hold you tight. he’d be a fan of pressing you down onto your stomach, hands at your waist and ass as he presses in and out of you, and he’d drink in the sight of you greedily. he’d also be a relatively possessive person, so rough, jealous sex is something that might happen every now and then. he’s got good control of his body and the way he’d roll his hips into you would be enough to make you forget your name. he’d definitely clean the both of you up after the two of you have basked in your high for a bit and return to lay with you, maybe even putting some clothing back on before he wraps an arm around you and rests his chin on your head while humming something soft for you.
Jooheon would be so, SO good at sweet, loving sex but also be able to turn around and give you that dirty, rough sex whenever you want/need it. A lot of his focus would be on you during sex (though that’s not to say that he’s not thinking of himself as well) and he’d kiss all over your body and drag his teeth across your earlobe. jooheon would like the build up, the whole process of working your bodies up to climax, and he’d be so willing to talk dirty to you. maybe not in the sense that he’d be into humiliation, but he’d be sure to tell you how he felt, how wet you are, how tight you feel wrapped around him, and just knowing that he can make you feel good would make him feel good. he’d be the type to smooth his hands up the back of your thighs, push your legs up just a little higher so he can watch himself disappear into you, and his face would be so expressive. he’d grunt and moan a little here and there, so caught up in the feeling of you around him, and he’d ask through clenched teeth, “you like that, hm?” his soft days would be all about you, all about praising how good you are and how you make him crazy and how much he loves you, and his rough days would be all about pounding into you, expression curled into something that’s almost feral and wild and excited and there’s no chance that either of you are leaving this ordeal without some kind of marks littering your body. afterwards, no matter what kind of day it was, he’d clean you up, even help you get dressed if that’s something you wanted, and have the both of you curl up in bed and just lay there with you. he’d situate you between his legs, play with your hands, cheek pressed to yours as he asked how you were feeling. very doting, very sweet and boyfriend like because jooheon is an actual soft baby.
sex with shownu, first and foremost, would be all about consent. even if it’s something that spiraled out of control from a makeout session, he’d always stop to make sure that you want to continue, because he loves you and wants to always make sure you’re comfortable. that’s not to say he won’t initiate it ever, because some days, he just wants you, but he’ll always ask. shownu would be so good at making you feel loved and cared for. his every movement will almost always be because he wants to make you feel good and he’ll touch you so softly, so gently like he’s afraid he might break you. his warm hands would slide over your breasts, cup them gently as he fucked into you slowly. he’d be so good at the slow kind of sex that breaks you down and turns you into a sobbing, begging mess, and on the flip side, he’d be so damn good at fucking you with powerful thrusts of his hips that have you grappling for purchase on the sheets of your bed. the rough days are something to look forward to because he presses your hips down into the bed with his hands and he gets so concentrated on the drag in and out of you as he snaps his hips forward to bury himself into your heat. he’d groan, his brows would furrow and he’d be surprisingly expressive during this all. he’d stop every now and then (sometimes, you think he’s doing it on purpose because he always gets you right at that peak before he does this), to ask if this is okay, if you’re feeling good, and his triumphant smile when you say yes would be so endearing but wouldn’t last long because his face would immediately morph into that same concentrated expression from before. afterwards, he wouldn’t wait to get you clean, and would flop onto the bed with you and pull you close and tight as he smoothed your hair down and kissed you softly. there would be a lot of questions, a lot of talk about what you liked and didn’t, and none of it is awkward because he always uses these talks to find something new to try for the both of you. king of aftercare
hyungwon is someone I’d expect to have mastered the art of lazy sex. a lot of slowly rolling hips that press into you just right and hands that smooth over your stomach, your hips, your thighs, and he’d press your legs apart to sink even more deeply into you. the eye contact that’s made with him would be intense and depending on how confident he’s feeling that day, he might shy away, press his face into the crook of your neck as he breathes the scent of you in while he fucks you. some days you might get an extremely riled up hyungwon, one who bites at your skin and makes more noises than usual, and the sound of him winding up towards his climax is one of the sexiest things you’ll ever hear. hyungwon would be good at fast, harsh sex when he’s got the stamina for it. he’d kiss a lot during it, mouth seeking yours out, and when he’s really needy, he’ll make use of his dancing skills and find new ways to press into you that have you gasping. he knows how to use his hips and there’s nothing about sex with him that would be subpar, even during the lazy days. afterwards, he’ll make sure the both of you are at least semi-cleaned up before he wraps himself up with you and snuggles with you until he falls asleep and his rhythmic breathing would lull you to sleep too.
changkyun would be the type to want to get his mouth on you beforehand. he’d kiss his way down your body, almost shyly at first, but the more you get into it, the more his confidence will grow. he’d lick at you, use his tongue and mouth to get you wet and ready and the moment you ask him to fuck you, he’d scramble up, ready to give you what you want. you’d think that sex with him might be awkward, but in reality, it’s so far from that. he’d know just where to grab, where to kiss, where to bite, and he’d suck dark bruises into your skin while pressing into you. he’d nudge your legs just that tiniest bit farther apart to make sure that he can fuck into you fully, to make sure that you can feel every bit of him inside of you and he’d also be the kind to smile at you during it all, a quirky little grin with a raised brow that’s meant as a question of “how is this for you?” rough sex with him would be an experience and he’d enjoy having you ride him as he snapped his hips up to fuck up into you quick and fast. his movements will often be really rushed, and the sex may not last super long (long enough for the both of you to finish at least), but he’s got great stamina and is always up for another round after. post-sex would involve a lot of silly faces made at you, a question every now and then about if it was good for you, and him sometimes falling asleep with his head buried into the crook of your neck because he’d been staring at the bite marks he gave you.
wonhoe is the kind to want a lot of foreplay. he wants to build everything up so that the end is just that much more worth it, so he’ll always want to touch you beforehand. he’ll slide his hands across your thighs, up your abdomen, over your breasts and he’ll kiss you while smiling slyly like he knows exactly how to get you riled up (because he does). he’ll want to be touched too, and he’ll make it obvious that he does. the noises he’ll make when you get your hand around him will be more than worth the effort though, and the sexy smile that slowly drags up the corners of his mouth will just be a bonus. he’d be the type to pepper kisses along your body, kiss the insides of your thighs before nuzzling between your legs and opening you up with his tongue and fingers until you’re shuddering and messy and desperate during the foreplay and when he finally sinks into you, it’s like the world has halted because he’s looking down at you, chest heaving and mouth parted in this silent groan, and you can tell that he’s not really seeing anything because he’s so focused on the tight heat of you wrapped around him.
he’d be so good at a multitude of positions, and there’s no doubt that he’d make use of this. he’ll let you ride him but he’d take control of this, grinding up into you with rolling hips with that same expression on his face that he makes when he’s dancing and he’d love to get you on your side, to spoon you and fuck into you like that because he knows how much of him you can feel while he does this. he’d moan a lot, make these soft noises that let you know how much he’s enjoying himself and he’d definitely grab your ass a lot. if his hands aren’t on your ass, they’re most likely in your hair, tugging gently as he drags his mouth along yours. he’s the one who will brag about fucking you good while you’re out in public, whispering into your ear the things he would love to do to you, but he’ll also back that up and do exactly what he had claimed he would later on.
he’d be so good at the rough and dirty sex that leaves you with weak legs and the inability to walk for some time afterwards, but he’d also be so very good at the gentle, loving sex that leaves you feeling like you’ve melted into nothingness. he’d draw your face close to his while he slowly grinds into you, hips almost moving in a circular motion, and he’d intertwine your hands while he pressed you down into the mattress and fucked you slow and steady. he’d be so gentle and it would get to the point where it’s almost overwhelming for the both of you. he’d tell you he loved you during sex like this and his hands would be so gentle when he slides them along your body that you’d not only be able to hear it from his voice but feel it in his motions. he might cry sometimes during this, which would embarrass him the first few times it happens, but it doesn’t stop him from keeping the same rhythm and from holding that same eye contact with you as he gradually brings the both of you to climax.
sex with wonhoe would be such an ethereal experience
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