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Pokemon Go • And The World Will Turn to Ash

This is the full story so far!!!

First part was, "Noire's Ambush"

Which led to, "Your Fight Is With Me"

Now it's "I Miss You."

(Holy Crap! I knew they looked alike, but I didn't think they'd be siblings!)

The Aftermath, "Being Candela Is Suffering"

I'm really loving this storyline!!

Surfacage is so talented!!! She's opened the door to a whole new world of Pokemon for us to enjoy and I can't wait to see more!!
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Masterlist (In Order!);;
I love how Candela is carrying Spark so easily and in Princess Style 😂😂
Hahahahahah that's cause he is a princess😆💃
Aww, this is so cute and a little sad ;-; I love it! ;W;
i have no idea who Niore is someone inform me!!!
Niore is the fictional Team Rocket leader that Surfacage created! He...or...she... I'm not really sure😅, is the sibling of Blanche!
@earthly No she has a link to the parts that seem missing
Oh okie I figured they would be the links cx
There's a part missing here
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