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This is the full story so far!!!

First part was, "Noire's Ambush"

Which led to, "Your Fight Is With Me"

Now it's "I Miss You."

(Holy Crap! I knew they looked alike, but I didn't think they'd be siblings!)

The Aftermath, "Being Candela Is Suffering"

I'm really loving this storyline!!

Surfacage is so talented!!! She's opened the door to a whole new world of Pokemon for us to enjoy and I can't wait to see more!!
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Masterlist (In Order!);;
I love how Candela is carrying Spark so easily and in Princess Style 😂😂
Hahahahahah that's cause he is a princess😆💃
Aww, this is so cute and a little sad ;-; I love it! ;W;
i have no idea who Niore is someone inform me!!!
Niore is the fictional Team Rocket leader that Surfacage created! He...or...she... I'm not really sure😅, is the sibling of Blanche!
@earthly No she has a link to the parts that seem missing
Oh okie I figured they would be the links cx
There's a part missing here