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Que tal peeps!

I know so many of my feelings ARMY Peeps are hella confused about the films our BTS Babes are putting out. Don't feel sad cuz there is so much content to digest.

Ya favorite chica is here to shed some light.

Keep in mind these are all theories I'm not a psychic! I do have a background in decoding styff like this. My BA is in English and that all we did was breakdown the meaning and find hidden messages in literature. I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF. However, in order to be successful with this talent one must know a lot about other cultures, literature, and random ass facts just to be blunt.

Below I have all 6 videos. You can visit my other cards to find the called "What you may have missed" cards to get some more details. They are in my BTS COLLECTION.

Major Tips

Tip 1

You all need to know the background of the book "Demian" by Hermann Hesse.

You will not understand ish if you don't look into this book.

This is a good source that breaks down the themes and passages used from this book in each video. The intro of each video where Namjoon is speaking are passages from this book.

Tip 2

Look up as much as you can about different, parallel, alternative dimensions. I'm not gonna go into full detail but this book is all about the merging of different dimensions and the merging of good and evil. Good and evil are not seen as opposites but mad as into one. There are different themes like childhood and growing up to name a few. Knowing about this is key since we saw Namjoon reading this book and it's the foundation of all these videos.

Tip 3

Think about and look for elements good/evil..light/dark.... negative and positive.

Tip 4

RESEARCH!! EVERYTHING IS ON GOGGLE PEPPS! If you need to revisit older BTS videos do so.

Tip 5

Enjoy the videos before you go jumping into the deep end with theories. As you watch the video you will notice things anways. Just take a mental note and explore it later.

Tip 6

At the end of the day it's ART AND IT'S ALL GOOD. Don't get so consumed in finding a theory for what we all know we could be all wrong! The artist holds and knows the ultimate true meaning of their work.
#1 Begin
#2 Lie
#3 Stigma
#4 First Love
#5 Reflection

This is someone's idea. Click on the source link below to read all the content.

I think there are alternate universes. The pairings are correct such as kook and yoongi. But the circles merge for those who have the same role and when they are in the same universe such as namjoon and kook. So maybe jungkook shouted hyung in reference to yoongi and the car crash but namjoon is the one who heard it and covers his ears because he and jungkook are in the same universe. That’s also why namjoon had the same crows/ birds as jungkook in his teaser. These alternate universes could be the realms namjoon is narrating about. Just brainstorming to explore different possibilities. If Jins teaser is last and his circle does not merge then that could mean that he is alone in a different alternate universe hence why the members disappear in his images. Or there could be an 8th teaser with all of them together in the same universe. Don’t hate it’s just another idea Namjoon also tells us how each person dies or what crime they commit in the start of reflection - tales of robberies, murders and suicides. But he says they are tales and in a different realm Also there are birds on j hopes jacket in run Japanese version and look at the drawing on yoongis shirt after 2 minutes Same but the opposite. Source

My thoughts so far....

I wrote this is my second to last card for "Reflection". I'm just trying to enjoy the short films first. However, so far I'm thinking they are all in different realms. The book that they are referring too is all about different realms. Well this is one of the things spoken about in this video. The BTS guys are all in different realms and we get see what was going on in their realm during the same time. For example have you heard the theory that it is possible that where you are right now could be someone else doing something different but in a different realm. Where I'm eating dinner some where in a different realm could be a highway. Also have you thought about the notions of when ppl die. They could be still connected to this world but just in a different realm. For instance the street where Jungkook was hit by a car. That same street was present in Yoongi's realm but only the object. Yoongi had the spiritual connection to Jungkook so he could feel him but the same road in Jungkook's realm is not exactly the same for Yoongi. I know that sounds confusing lol sorry!

Good and Evil

What about purgatory? Some ppl believe in that. The book again is about how that god Abraxas, mythical symbol of negative and positive able to mix good and evil together. In other words purgatory is a place where ppl can be cleansed of their sins before they go to heaven. Definition: Purgatory is a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven. Catholic Church defines purgatory as a "purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven," which is experienced by those "who die in God’s grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified" (CCC 1030). It notes that "this final purification of the elect . . . is entirely different from the punishment of the damned" (Source). In sense it is a mixture of good and evil. Ppl who have sinned (sin is evil) but these ppl are in God’s grace (this good, so they have to be good ppl but they just have sinned, good ppl can sin) can be purified to have their chance to get into heaven.

Light and Dark

As you can see the video is constantly playing with light and dark. Mostly having them paired together.
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Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help break down the basics! I am, as I type, re-watching all of BTS' music videos starting from Danger to see how the MV story lines match up with the WINGs short stories.
De nada! I'm just looking out!