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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Guilty Crown Challenge! Sorry I didn't post on Friday , school football kinda got in the way, but I'm back now with a double feature: My favorite episode from Guilty Crown as well as my favorite song from its OST, so let's get started!

BTW, there are spoilers in this card, you've been warned

My Favorite Episode

My favorite episode from Guilty Crown is episode 19, aptly title 'Rebirth'. Judging by the GIF alone, you should have a guess as to why this episode is my favorite. I MEAN, WE GET TO SEE SHU'S VOID!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! *breathes in heavily*

All fanboying aside, I really loved this episode just cause it shows how far Shu is willing to go to save his beloved Inori, which includes taking the Void Genome again, something which was said could possibly KILL HIM due to his body rejecting it. And then it leads into possibly the most BADASS fight scene in the entire anime, with great visuals, badassery (Yes I said that XD), and music. Speaking of which....

My Favorite Song(s) XD

That's right, I have 2 favorite songs from the OST! I mean with it being as good as it is, it's kinda hard not to.

Song 1 - My Dearest

So this song personally has a lot of meaning to me, with it being a present that I performed for my girlfriend. But also, this song just sounds freaking beautiful! Like you can not listen to that and not feel all warm inside! I know that I can't!

Song 2 - Bios

So now we come to the badass track. Literally. Whenever something badass is happening, this song WILL PLAY. You can check me on it too. But this song most definitely fits in with those badass parts and it gets my blood pumping for them! Just have a look at my Favorite Moment card for proof!

Well anyways that does for this day's edition (Really two days' editions) of the Guilty Crown Challenge! I hope you guys are enjoying it! And stay tuned tomorrow for my personal favorite topic, Favorite Weapon!